Scott Boras—Bane of the Majors

Ken GiesContributor IJune 4, 2008

Scott Boras is the bane of baseball and has the potential to be its undoing.


Since World War II, the real estate market in the United States has boasted that their investment opportunities are the most secure around. On that premise, the market grew like Barry Bonds on HGH.


To say that the sky was the limit was an insult. It seemed there were no boundaries. Until...


Professional sports have adopted much that same attitude. The American public thrives on being entertained by their favorite sports franchise. In recent years there have been fewer checks and balances in the "majors".


The sky, as a limit, has become laughable.


Enter Scott Boras. Players love him, owners hate him, but more importanthe is doing irreparable harm to the game.


Gone are the days when players hustled, hit, and fielded all for the love of baseball. For many young athletes today, baseball is nothing more than a cash cow, the road to wealth and fame.


Dedication and sportsmanship have faded to dollar bill green.


No one can fault a professional in any field for dreaming of being rich. After all, that is the American way. It's when bottom-feeders like Boras get involved that all sense of sport goes out the window.


There is no argument that a MLB player, like any other pro in the entertainment arena, deserves to make top money, but where is the limit?


What is the level at which those of the Boras ilk are recognized as doing more harm to the game than the good they do for their clients?


Before professional sports crashes like the stock market in '29, or the housing market in '08, how about we just play ball!