October: The month of the fan

Owen Stiffler@OwenStifflerContributor IOctober 14, 2009

As we walk campus already complaining about how the summer has come and gone so quickly, how the weather has rapidly changed from warm to uncomfortably cool, and how snow is now right around the corner, let’s remind ourselves one thing—the month of October is the sports fan’s most sports-full month of the year.

Sure, now we have to break out the hoodies and jackets and shove our shorts and t-shirts to the back of our drawers for the next five months, but I personally couldn’t be any happier. You won’t see a frown on my face while I have the option of watching just about every major American sport being played at any given time.

The NFL is now completely underway and being only five weeks into the season, we’ve already experienced some great games surprisingly good and bad teams, and still have so much to anticipate as the season progresses. Certainly nothing finishes off a weekend better than NFL Sundays.

To compliment the professionals, college football is also in mid-swing giving us even more exciting games and another day filled with uncountable amounts of football games.

But it’s not only the game of football that makes October the best sports month of the year, there’s plenty more to choose from.

After a ridiculously long baseball season, the playoffs are finally underway in the MLB. Nothing’s better after a 162-game regular season than some playoff baseball.

The Twins created the post-season excitement early by making a dramatic comeback in the AL Central at season’s end. Forcing, and eventually winning, the one-game playoff between themselves and the Detroit Tigers. Ever since, it’s been a great month of baseball with unquestionably even more thrilling games to come.

Nope, we are not done there. Hockey is underway as well and it’s a season that us  Chicago Blackhawks fans should be particularly excited about.

The Hawks have been picked early on by many as one of the strongest contenders for the Stanley Cup this season. The city of Chicago and state of Illinois needs nothing more than a championship in a major sport brought back.

For all you non-hockey enthusiasts, obviously you can continue to watch hockey for the reason you always have, the fights.

Surprisingly, the ultimate sports month that is October isn’t done there either. Although by this time of the year you’ve probably all but forgotten about its existence; that’s right, professional basketball does still exist.

Training camps and preseason games have already begun and by month’s end the regular season will start.

After a beyond exhilarating end to the Chicago Bulls ’08-‘09 campaign, we should all be anticipating another compelling season out of the Bulls once again this year. Also, it can’t go without mentioning that college basketball’s Midnight Madness also takes place this month (Friday to be exact).

You’ve read correctly, each and every major North American sport will be played over the course of this month and as many times you’ll have the choice of watching not only one, but potentially two or three of them simultaneously.

If that doesn’t change your mind about the greatness of the month of October, then I give up.

So, while the vast majority of campus gloomy walks to and from classes at a slow depressing end of the calendar year pace, only dreading the month ahead and its progressively colder and colder developing weather in addition to the fiery colors that is autumn, I will likely be walking at a slightly faster pace, with an extra jump in my step.

I want to get back to the television as quick as humanly possible knowing that odds are one of those compelling October sports moments is likely about to take place.