Lakers-Celtics Finals: Believe the Hype

Danny PaskasSenior Analyst IJune 3, 2008

Lakers-Celtics Finals. Doesn't that just sound good?

David Stern and Co. got exactly what they wanted, a dream matchup between the league's two most storied franchises. Not to mention the NBA's only legitimate Eastern-Western conference rivalry.

The hype machine is out in full force, as it should be. What other finals matchup has any sort of history even vaguely resembling Lakers-Celtics? 

The Lakers and Celtics have met in the finals ten times before. Four of those series ended in seven games. The Celtics came out on top eight of ten times. The Lakers took the last two, in '84-'85, and '86-'87.  

Overall, the Celtics have won 16 titles, while the Lakers have won 14. The Lakers, however, have been much better than the Celtics in recent years. Still, the Celtics ruled the Sixties, winning a championship every year from '59 to '69, except for '67, which will never be duplicated.

I don't want to hear, "Yeah, but it's not what it used to be. There's no Larry Bird vs. Magic." Please. I bet the older people who witnessed the Celtic dominance of the Sixties were saying the exact type of garbage before their rivalry was renewed in '83-'84.

It probably went something like this: "Yeah but there's no Jerry West, no Bob Cousy or Bill Russell."

Spare me. Just embrace what we have.

We have Kobe Bryant going against the NBA's best defense. We have Kevin Garnett, who plays with the most heart in the league. We have Phil Jackson trying to pass Red Auerbach in championships.

Would you rather be watching another Spurs-Cavs matchup? How about a Pistons vs. anybody matchup?

I really do not see what can go wrong; granted, I am a neutral observer. If the Lakers win, Kobe just took his first big step in being worthy of all those Jordan comparisons. If the Celtics win, Garnett gets his much-deserved chip.  Championships that have eluded such players like Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, or John Stockton.

If the Lakers win, it might be the start of a multiple-championship run. They are absolutely stacked, and will only be better in the years to come.

If Boston wins, it might be able to make it all the way back next year due to the weak East, hopefully starting a whole new era of a Lakers-Celtics rivalry.

All of you whiners should just be happy with no more Bill Engvall, and My Boys' commercials. Even though the daughter was hot, and the My Boys' girl was equally hot, it just got annoying after a while. Didn’t it?

Plus, if you are a fan of celebs, you can look forward to seeing plenty of Jack, Spiderman, Leo, and many young starlets in L.A., along with all the Laker greats.

In Boston, you’ll probably see Tom Brady (hopefully in a Yankees hat—how great would that be?) and Gisele, and Marky Mark (yes, Mark Wahlberg, you will always be Marky Mark to me). Maybe even the newly reunited New Kids on the Block will perform a halftime show.  

Don’t ask me how I know they're reunited; I just do.

These finals deserve all the hype they're attracting; remember, this is the only finals matchup that warrants it. It's actually a finals matchup that actually matters.