Jim Edmonds is a Chicago Cub: Back Off Him Already!

Bradley GehringContributor IJune 3, 2008

Jim Edmonds is an All-Star center-fielder who can run down a fly-ball with the best in the game.  Yet beside one of the greatest catches ever against the Astros this season, fans continue to ride him every time he does not get a hit or does not live up to perfection. 

Let us look at this situation from a distance, not that of a Cubby fan who is brainwashed by a 37-21 start to the season. 

Most fans say, "He played for the Cardinals, they are our rival, how can the Cubs sign him?" Edmonds has a World Series ring!  What we have been chasing for (yes I know it is painful to say) 100 years. 

If he can share anything with his new teammates about winning a ring, that is what we need.  Only eight months ago we were being swept by the Diamondbacks because we did not even show up for the playoffs. 

The Cubs signed him for basically peanuts, so that argument of "we are losing a bunch of money signing him" is out the window.  Thirdly, it is a joke that fans say Felix Pie should being starting in center. 

Pie is a excellent player and very well could be an all-star in the future, but are we not trying to win now?  Pie has shown great flashes of potential but he has had more than just one shot. 

It is not expected for him be great on offense, but even his defense was shaky.  Many times he would not hit the cut-off man or looked confused on where the ball should go.  It does not seem like pressing issues, but with the game of baseball the little things are what keep you from winning and losing.

Edmonds is starting to hit.  As of June first, for the last seven days he is hitting over .400 and has many important hits and RBIs.  The reason is that he is finally starting to feel comfortable with tweaking his batting stance and he is fitting in with the locker room. 

To expect for a guy to come right in and be perfect is not realistic.  The tweaking of his batting stance, although difficult to do, can be accomplished by the type of veteran who can do that without having to be sent down to the minors.  Edmonds is that type of player.  Not to mention how he commands the outfield.

Edmonds is a guy who can put the Cubs over the top. The look of Edmonds leading Soriano and Fukodome is the best Cubs' fans can ask for!