Five Undrafted NFL Players Who Are Making an Impact

Casey HCorrespondent IJune 3, 2008

Just because a player didn't go top-10 doesn't mean he can't make a huge difference in the game. Here are five players who didn't hear their names called at the podium, but whose names are still on the lips of every football enthusiast.

1. Antonio Gates: If you look at the numbers he has put up, it seems impossible that he didn't get drafted. But those who know his background know why. He focused his college career on playing basketball and lead Kent State University to a MAC championship and a spot in the Elite Eight.

Anyways all we can do is thank the sports gods for guiding him to the NFL because he has become the most dominate tight end in football right now. He already holds the single season record for most touchdown receptions for a tight end at 13. He is punching his ticket for the Hall of Fame.

2. Tony Romo: When I look at what Romo has done in the past year, I can't help but be amazed in his performance. He sat behind Drew Bledsoe and really studied how the game is played. When Parcells benched Bledsoe in the game against the Giants, Romo walked on the field and amazed us all.

Actually his first pass was picked off, but after that he showed us what he could do. He had barely been playing, and yet he was consistently being compared to the almighty Brett Favre. His first full year as the starting QB, he guided his team to the best record in the NFC. That is a good start to a long career.

3. Willie Parker: Fast Willie Parker has had a very successful career so far, teaming up with Jerome Bettis to help the Steelers become Super Bowl champs. He has already broken some single game rushing records for the Steelers.

For example, he put up 223 yards against the Browns to break the Steelers' record for most rushing yards in a game. With Rashard Mendenhall drafted to the team you better believe the Steelers got their one-two punch back.

4. Wes Welker: What an enormous impact he has made for the Patriots—and he is in the number three slot. A fun fact about Welker is he is the second player in NFL history to return a kickoff and punt, kick an extra point and field goal, and make a tackle all in a single game.

If that's not talent then I don't know what is. Even in the loss to the Giants in the Super Bowl he still shined with tying the Super Bowl record for most receptions at 11 catches. With Welker and Moss on the field, how do you cover the Patriots?

5. Adam Vinatieri: He has played in five Super Bowls and won himself four rings. What do you even do with four rings? He should give me one. Anyways, he does not get scared. Don't even try to ice him Shanahan, because you can't.

He just walks onto the field, kicks the ball, and walks back to the sideline like nothing even happened. He probably thinks to himself, "No big deal. I mean, I only just won the Super Bowl with that kick." Why the Patriots let him go I will never know...

Honorable Mentions: Joshua Cribbs, Jake Delhomme, Kurt Warner, Antonio Pierce