Tag Team Turmoil in the WWE: Part 1

Jason FouchaAnalyst IJune 3, 2008

Demolition, The Hart Foundation, The Rockers, Nasty Boys, Legion of Doom

Hardy Boys, Edge and Christian, The Dudleys, La Resistance

Hardy Boys, London and Kendrick, MNM, Cade and Murdoch

Over the years we have had some great tag team situations, and it almost, notice I say almost started again, right around December to Dismember (ya it's been that long)

But the problem is that we are not given tag teams we actually care about.

They are not investing the time in developing the Tag Teams anymore. Lets look at the Tag Teams we have now, the ones that are legitimate Tag Teams and not going to break up anytime soon.


Raw- Hardcore Holly and Cody Rhodes

Smackdown/ECW- The Miz and John Morrison

Here in lies the problem from the get go. Neither of these teams are actual teams, but singles wrestlers with nothing better to do.

Holly and Rhodes is the biggest problem, because they won them from Carlito/Santino, another team of singles guys with nothing better to do.

Now for the other teams:


Cryme Tyme: Here is a team that actually won a first contenders match a year ago, and still haven't been given there shot at the belts. The crowd loves these guys, and the Raw belts should have been on these guys a long time ago, especially if you want to get people caring about Tag Teams again.

Cade and Murdoch: The perfect back and forth fued for the titles to get people caring again. Think about it the African Americans vs the Rednecks, its a sterotype all over again. The problem is that we don't know if they are going to stay together, because they have been teasing a breakup.

The Highlanders: They were great at the start of their run, but now they aren't given entrance music half the time, they are in the ring as the commercials come to and end. Now Rory is hurt right now, so they are out of the picture, but a strong push would go a long way for these guys.

London and Kendrick: These guys are the same as Cryme Tyme, they had the belt for a record amount of time, but no one seemed to care, because they were never pushed right. Given the proper angles and pushes they could be the next Hardys.


Curt Hawkins and Zach Ryder: These guys were on the way to being a top tag team, and they became the Edgeheads instead. If Edge is going to be the champ, then he needs to surround himself with greatness, and what a better way to do that than to have the Tag Team Champions around him. Kurt Angle did it with The Worlds Greatest Tag Team, and Edge should do it with them.

Deuce and Domino: These guys were at the top of Smackdown, and then they just get stuck in nowhere feuds with teams that have nothing better to do as well.

Here are my ideas on some teams that they should bring back to try and help revitalize the division.

The Worlds Greatest Tag Team: With Haas in only dark matches and heat, and Benjamin constantly stuck in pointless feuds, what a better way to use both of them than to bring back TWGTT. It will give them both some television time, and even pushed strong enough, could lead to pushes in the singles area for both of them.

La Resistance: Like them or hate them, they could wrestle, and that is what the Tag Team Division needs right now.

Cena and HHH: Its always a fun angle, and it always spices up the angles, having the Champ and his number one contender win the belts. It could help bring the titles back to the front of the show, and will help out a little bit.

More To come later, I'll probably do a part two, covering angles that I'd like to see and other scenarios.