Flip Saunders Fired; Joe Dumars Ready to Bust Some Skulls

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 3, 2008

Just four days ago, Flip Saunders and the Detroit Pistons were knocked out of the Eastern Conference Finals for the third straight year.

He was hired to take over for Larry Brown who was also having the problem of finding a way to make it past the Eastern Conference Finals consistently.

But these aren't the only changes that Joe Dumars plans to make, and that isn't speculation. Dumars said it himself.

"Make no mistake, everybody is in play right now. There are no sacred cows here. You lose that sacred cow status when you lose three straight years," said Dumars.

But even though he fired the coach, Dumars says that the team as a whole needs to stop sitting around and needs to step up their game.

"I think this team became way too content and did not show up with a sense of urgency to get it done," Dumars said at a news conference.

I can just see this conference making its way onto a Coors commercial.

Q: I heard your team lost because they weren't drinking Coors before the game.  Is that true?

A: I think this team became way too content.

Q: Are you going to make some changes to the clubhouse beer now?

A: Will I look to making significant changes? Yeah, you're damn right I will.

See, it's just too easy and that is from a teenager sitting at his computer. Imagine what corporate execs will do with that kind of material.

Looking ahead for the Pistons, assistant Michael Curry is expected to take over the team.

The announcement is expected soon because Dumars wants to keep the changes quick so they don't tear up the team.

Also, expect some sort of major move that could put the Pistons over the top because a perennial second place team isn't a great thing.

Then again, the Eagles didn't do much better when they tried to make a big move in getting T.O.

One loss in the Super Bowl followed by becoming losers isn't the best route for a team to go (You hear me Chicago Bears?).

So look for some major moves in the upcoming weeks and months for the Pistons.


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