Notre Dame Mailbag... Responding to The Golden Domers

Nathaniel WrightContributor IOctober 10, 2009

SOUTH BEND, IN - SETPEMBER 19: Student fans of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish cheer during a game against the Michigan State Spartans on September 19, 2009 at Notre Dame Stadium in South Bend, Indiana. Notre Dame defeated Michigan State 33-30. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Here is my last article if you want to catch up on the debate....

Dear Mr Irish.

I just got back in. I checked my messages and see that you called. I understand you are upset. I wanted to address some of your questions because I think we aren't connecting.


From William Danielson.

"This was very disrespectful. How could you not respect Notre Dame. You know its not all about football. So guess what? AT LEAST WE GRADUATE OUR PLAYERS! So how about you stop talking shit about Notre Dame. Want to talk about respect? Ohio State wouldn't care if its players left early. Notre Dame does. We are a catholic school and don't let students do anything illegal. your crappy Ohio State team doesn't care. Oh and about Ty Willingham... maybe if he knew what RECRUITING was he wouldn't have been fired. We had more five star recruits in one year with Charlie Wies than he had his WHOLE FIVE YEARS AT ND. ONE five star recruit? What the hell? Okay you might feel it was racist. I think it was racist when the fired Lou Holtz. How about that. I can't believe you wrote crap like this. You can go after Charlie, Clausen, anyone, but you cant go after the best school in the nation.
Go Irish"

Hey Danny It's not that I don't respect your history... I don't respect your present. You went 3-9 and 7-6. Under this regime you have not beaten one team who you were an underdog to. I would go after Charlie because he has done you wrong for the past two years. He makes you look bad and you defend him. That's on you. You know he failed you. I know he failed you. Right now it's like talking to a woman who get's beaten by her husband. "But he's such a good father and provider." " I know we went 3-9 but we got the number six recruiting class out of that." "I know we keep losing to USC but we almost beat them one year." Whatever it takes for you to sleep at night. The honest truth is that your team has been a joke for two years leading up to this season.

And about Clausen... I respect him. Think he's the best in the nation. He should be THE heisman frontrunner right now, and if he comes back he has the best shot at it next year. So please I said enough things for you to attack me on... talking about things I didn't (Clausen) gets you nowhere.

And finally we have Stephan Manner. His was long so I've broken this down to a few talking points.

1. You are one to talk Mr. Ohio State Buckeye fan. Your Team sucks too!!!

2. Our Schedule is good!

3. I love Notre Dame... We've been a great school. Have great coaches. How can you knock that?

4. Willingham Sucked. For God's sake he sucked.

1. I know what Ohio State's problems are. But I can live with them. Before Tress the Vest got there we were a 8-4 or 9-3 team who routinely lost to Michigan. Since he got there we are a perennial 10 win team who has a National Championship, a Heisman Trophy, power team in the Big 11 and has routinely whipped Michigan. I think about what could have been with a couple games (UF, Texas, LSU, and USC) but for the most part... I'm cool with those stats.

Here is the difference between my team and yours. Your team went 3-9 and 7-6. If Ohio State ever did that I would not defend Tressell. I would be helping him move out of Columbus. Your coach did that to you and you defend him because he brought you a few recruits. that's not good enough for an elite program. What I am trying to get you to realize you should expect more.

2. I agree your schedule is good. What I want you to understand is you haven.t gotten to the good part yet. You are at the appetizer phase of the meal. When USC comes then we will really see how good you guys are. You can't evaluate your season until the Stanfords, Boston Colleges, Southern Cals come in. You had one test so far and you failed (Michigan). So don't ring the bell for respect until you play a team again that the nation cares about.

3. Again Notre Dame should be respected. THE WHOLE NATION RESPECTS NOTRE DAME'S HISTORY. We think whats going on right now is a joke. You guys are a joke. Why? Because you rationalize mediocrity. Your team wend 3-9 and 7-6. At ANY other power school either one of those years would have gotten you the door. Ask Florida would they defend Urban Meyer if he lost 16 games in two years. Ask Texas if they would get mad if they lost to Oklahoma as routinely as you guys do to Michigan and USC. USC is mad their coach loses one game a year! Ohio State is mad when you lose a game in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP!!! Come on man... really? You want to talk like you are an elite program but you don't hold your team to the same standards that elite programs do. Ohio State doesn't care about winning against Washington, Purdue and Michigan State... trust me we've done it. It doesn't do anything for us. We DO care when we played USC and we DO care when we play Michigan.

And for last I wanted to talk about Tyrone Willingham. i get it... he didn't do too well at Notre Dame. But the way you treated the man made you lose a lot of respect. You hired him to get over your national embarrassment of O'Leary. He not only did that but in the first year he beat teams that were better than you guys... like a No. 7 ranked Michigan and a No. 11 ranked Florida State. His program went down a couple of years and you canned him... citing that he crippled your program for years. But when Weis came a long and did the same things with the kids that Williangham recruited (erasing the whole crippling the program) and had the same slide as Tyrone you defend him. One guy went 11-12 in two seasons the other guy went 10-15. You held Willingham to a standard that you don't do for Charlie Weis and that is why I said that was classless.

I do apologize if my last article came off as mean spririted... I didn't mean it to be dispresectful but lets be honest here... nobody outside of "The Dome" thinks of you as anything other than a decent team right now. You will have chances to look good against some good teams pretty soon. All I wanted to do is show you that if you want respect it's there for the taking... but don't go around demanding respect with what you've done so far. It's not anything to talk about.

Talk to you later Golden Domers....

Nathaniel D. Wright