Dear Mr. McMahon: The 'W' in WWE Stands for World!

Adam WrightSenior Analyst IJune 3, 2008

To: Vince McMahon and WWE

From: Adam Wright on behalf of Canada


Dear Vince McMahon and WWE,

Last week on RAW, you touted that you wanted to do something groundbreaking to show your fan appreciation. Later that night, you first announced that we all deserved NEW. On June 23rd, all three brands will have a DRAFT! As a fan, I would like to say it’s about damn time.

But you went on with your announcements by reminding us your motto. “It’s all about the moneeeey! ” To show your appreciation, you will take money from your pockets (or wherever you keep it) and you will give away $1,000 000 to us, the loyal WWE fans! You called it McMahon's Million Dollar Mania!

Everyone likes money, right? So how do I, a loyal WWE fan, get a chance to get my hands on that cash?

Last night on RAW, you strutted out with a glass box full of cash. Fans in the house knew this was for real. Fans at home wanted that cash.

You said it was easy. Fans just have to log-on and register for a chance to win. Leave your address and phone number, and it’s THAT easy! The only condition… you must live in the United States of America.

During that moment Vince, you could actually hear the hearts of fans all around the world break.

I’m a loyal WWE fan for years, but I’m from Canada. This makes me, along with MILLIONS of fans worldwide ineligible.

Now Vince, please tell me this. WWE stands for World Wrestling Entertainment, right? So when you say you want to show your fan appreciation, why must you limit your generosity to the U.S?

Especially leaving out Canada, who has no doubt the biggest fan base outside of the U.S. Canada has given superstars to the WWE such as Bret Hart, Chris Jericho, Trish Stratus, Edge and so much more. For a company that is constantly saying they are a worldwide company, leaving out Canada and other countries is nothing more than a slap in the face.

The ironic part of this is that WWE just come off their tours of Canada and Mexico.

So Vince, you have fun patting yourself on the back for your fan appreciation sweepstakes. But next time you want to show appreciation, don’t forget the rest of the World.

On behalf of Canadian Fans and Fans Worldwide,

Adam Wright