Abou Diaby: Another Victim of the Arsenal Fans

Muhammad Umar Jawed@@MUJAWEDCorrespondent IOctober 10, 2009

BOLTON, ENGLAND - JANUARY 28:  Abou Diaby of Arsenal in action during the FA Cup Fourth Round match between Bolton Wanderers and Arsenal at the Reebok Stadium on January 28, 2006 in Bolton, England. (Photo by Jamie McDonald/Getty Images)

On Jan 2006, Abou Diaby became a Gunner. According to Wenger, Diaby was one of the players who would replace Patrick Viera . Now Diaby is almost 24 years old and he is from the kind of players who usually show one moment of brilliance and then in the next moment he is awful.

But we have to agree that injuries cut his development short. Since the season started and as every match goes on in which Diaby starts, fans everywhere start throwing criticism at him, even when we was playing much better than expected.

I always see there is a problem with us Gooners: last season the victims were Denilson, Song, and Eboue.

Match after match, we say about these players and called them awful and that they didnt't deserve to be Gunners and play in this Arsenal team. But we already saw this season how well Denilson ,Eboue, and Song did for us

Because of us and some of Arsenal fans, Eboue almost left Arsenal last season.

We can take the example of Emmanuel Adebayor. I know he doesn't deserve to be a Gunner, but when he was out of form all Arsenal fans said was that he should leave this summer and that we didn't want him anymore which is not at all a good attitude towards a player who is just going through a difficult situation.

Coming back to Abou Diaby, Diaby's tackling ability is fantastic to watch at times. Even if he is not as good as Viera, it is obvious he has the ability to control the midfield. In contrast to Song, who rarely repositions away from midfield, or Denilson, who has never dashed in attack from midfield.

The goals Diaby scored against Newcastle and Aston Villa last season were great examples of his ability.

We always pick one player from the team to thrash him all over instead of giving him some time to improve. I know Diaby just took a while, but If Wenger trusts him like he did Eboue, Denilson, and Song, it might work.

I think Diaby is one of the best midfielders Arsenal have, with his strength and skills.


Why Wenger starts with him

Many people wonder why Diaby starts.The reason is that from set pieces, we can only trust Bendtner or Diaby to score goals with their heading skills, apart from defence (Gallas, Vermaelen). So, the aerial ability of Diaby is one of the reasons Wenger gives him the opportunity to start. Another is that he is also important when it comes to defence.

Diaby needs to improve

Last season, Eboue was much criticised. This season, he has improved quite a bit (he is in no way perfect, or anywhere near it).

He was 25 last season, and will be 26 this. If he can improve—and believe me, Eboue has a lesser footballing brain than Diaby—then there is no reason why Diaby can't improve.

Anyways, I feel much of the criticism he receives is unfair. We say he gives away the ball too often, etc. He does give away the ball, but not so many times as we make it out to be, definitely not this year.

Yes, he scored a terrible own goal against United, but if u watch the match again you would see that he also made a run soon after that, right into United's penalty box (yes, he finished it horribly). He has been making quite a few good runs this season. He can dribble past players, and that is a plus for him and the team. Only Arshavin and Nasri in our current squad are capable of doing that, apart from him.


Right position for Diaby

I still don't understand why Wenger started playing him as left winger when we all know he could play well along side Song and Fabregas. With that position, Diaby can attack a lot more and take on the oppositional defenders.

Diaby should be given another chance
We should give him another chance; it's just, because we are doing really great as a team this time and every player is at his best. We are left with no-one to criticise, so picking on Diaby is simply wrong.

Improvement in Diaby
Well, if it takes 2-3 oppositional players to take the ball away from him, I would see that as a sign of progress. Yes, I agree, he tries to do that, when he should be letting go of the ball to some other player, but that is what I am hoping he will learn by the end of this season. Surely, that is not an unrealistic expectation.
I am completely confident that Diaby will improve and we'll stop criticizing him. If Arsene trusts him, I trust Arsene. In Arsene we trust.