Denver Broncos: Who Will Be the Starting Running Back?

Brendon TateCorrespondent IJune 3, 2008

With the releasing of Travis Henry, who will be the star RB in Denver?  

According to the depth chartSelvin Young is the official starter. Can this all change though? Who can prove themselves in training camp to get the starting position over Young?

If someone can step up to the plate and prove themselves to be better than Young than maybe it can happen.

For now, Young is the clear cut winner in the running back race. He finished the year with 729 yds on just 140 carries. He has shown that he has what it takes to be the starting RB in Denver.

When the Denver O-Line was struggling, Young stepped up and took matters into is own hands. With an improved O-line and an improved Denver team, look for Selvin Young to improve on his game.

Also, he has bulked up and gained about seven pounds in muscle. It has also been reported that he is benching 360 pounds five times. He says he wants to go from being a 10-12 per carry guy to a 20 per carry guy.

Young obviously has what it takes to be considered a starter, but what other proven player could possibly step up?

A guy that Denver recently picked up named Micheal Pittman.  He is a big power back who played for Tampa Bay and contributed with his good catching ability and his power running. He is perfect for the Denver system.

I see Andre Hall being a third down backhe is a good pass catcher and he contributes, just look at the Chicago game. 

So for right now the main running back race is between Selvin Young and Micheal Pittman. My take is that Selvin Young will get the spot because of his determination to win and his willingness to become more durable by gaining weight and getting stronger.