Ten Reasons Why Coach Randy Shannon Should Leave UM..?

Daton O. FullardContributor IOctober 9, 2009

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL - SEPTEMBER 17:  Head coach Paul Johnson, R, of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets congratulates head coach Randy Shannon of the Miami Hurricanes at Land Shark Stadium on September 17, 2009 in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Miami defeated Georgia Tech 33-17.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

While I was recently going through some of the many posts and comments recently about Coach Randy Shannon's ability and His lack of a contract extension. I began to see many comments from so many. Some singing the praises of replacing Coach Shannon with Coach Mark Whipple..Former Coach Tommy Tuberville etc.

So I thought it sort of seems logical to examine and explore what the 10 most compelling reasons why Coach Randy Shannon should leave The U in a hurry and as some of his more ardent admirers have suggested that he be fired and or just move a side and go away. And let any Joe Blow of their choice succeed him you fill in the blank........about who you think should soon replace him.

(1) Obviously whoever it is will soon inherit a virtually nonexistent fan base with an ever fluttering ratio of real genuine Fan Support. Who 5 min after accepting the job. Will face a seemingly relentless chorus of unhappy people who will whine and complain about everything He will do or does not do endlessly. See any of the supposedly supportive UM Cane Blogs.

Yet Coach Shannon to his credit despite getting offered this thankless job of being asked to begin his Head coaching career. With a faltering shell of a former glorious struggling program. Which a couple of years back we all know was just barely hanging on and was on almost terminal life support.

He Coach Shannon was then being asked to just go aboard this already sinking ship. Stop the sinking then somehow help to turn this partially decaying moribund program around. Put on a Superman Cape and help Rescue a very sacred University cash cow in the process I might add. 

All this after inheriting a badly dysfunctional non disciplined -not even close to being united team. See exhibit (A) The Derrick Crudup - Brock Berlin fiasco. Followed up immediately by another Quarterback mess.

The Kyle and Kirby Show. Yet you still have to find a way to win with a supposed to be D -1 QB. Who in one game mind you could only manage to complete just one pass..!!!!! I shall not mention the QB name to protect his desired anonymity. And all of his subsequent anonymous records. There will be a quiz in the memorabilia section. For those who still might be in need of a bit of some help remembering.

For those of you suffering from acute memory loss. This program had Wide Receivers who could not catch. Cornerbacks who could not cover. A seemingly tame group of Linebackers Defensive lineman etc.

I promise I won't go back any further. To hopefully spare those of you who would prefer to not have to be forced to revisit these former program ghosts. I do this rather reluctantly only to help further establish some much needed perspective.

(2) Point 2..Failure of a certain part of a Fan Base that will not forget nor support UM. Simply because they being UM's current Administration. Had the gall to leave a bad deal. A decrepit raggedy rundown and very aged Orange Bowl.

That would probably have already fallen down by now. Primarily because of the City of Miami is not the City of Coral Gables. And neglect is a very valued part of The City of Miami's broader Heritage. See exhibit B Overtown. Didn't some one named Joe Robbie do the exact same thing about 20 some years before..!! After failing to get any long promised but also never realized facility improvements..? 

(3) What will be some of the things other schools can offer Coach Shannon for his undeniable Talent contacts and connections. Perhaps that His Alma Mater has not and may be will not..? How about getting some positive respect from His Community.

Where this young Coach has persevered through and overcome great personal adversity that would have crippled and destroyed many. Yet he still does not have or is offered a contract. Despite having accomplished more than I doubt anyone else would have or could have. Under similar circumstances given what little he had to work with.

For those who choose not to remember all the supposedly illustrative Big Time Coaches that UM interviewed or approached. Who all quickly turned down this job. Because they all wanted to protect what little sanity they had. Some knew they could find safer ways to be in better surroundings. With far better State and Alumni resources and much more lucrative sanctioned and unsanctioned amenities.

Coach Randy Shannon to his credit stepped up to the plate and quietly accepted His Alma Mater's Challenge. If I was his agent I would seriously encourage. That he too should listen to and entertain all future offers. After all everyone is always saying that this is just another business decision right..?

(4) While there appears to be so much that is unseen which Coach Shannon has already done without a lot of fanfare. In the way of bringing back some stability to the UM program. The long term capability of being able to retain Staff will be a recurring nightmarish issue for him at UM.

As other better endowed Programs will continue to poach from UM's more desirable Coaches. Because UM's financial war chest is not as deep pocketed as some of these other competing institutions. Sad but true nonetheless.

(5) With an acute abysmal shortage of good African American Head Coaches available on the National Stage. Why wouldn't any SEC Big Ten Big 12 or Pac 10 Conference. Be delighted to welcome aboard a proven UM Coach. With very strong Local ties.

Who also could provide to them access to a Region. They each would all covet and desire to tap into and have the inside track into. All made available at a seemingly indifferent UM's expense..? Whose current contractual silence by the way is deafening.

(6) What are Coach Randy Shannon's Positives you might ask..? Well for one he has proven he will run a disciplined highly competitive program. Will not tolerate Student Athletes unwilling to compete Academically and Athletically. Apparently UM's current Administration still is not yet impressed by this nor yet paying any attention.

(7) Coach Randy Shannon will be a positive force in any community he will be brought into. Through His own immense incredible and personal yet practical Life experiences. I have seen up close and observed his genuineness.

It is sincere refreshing and quite real. His recruits all respect that about him. Parents understand that they can trust their Kids to his care. Is that important to UM's Athletic Department. I guess we will have to wait and see on this issue to.

(8) What role does a true old school but Young Disciplinarian play into today's hyper infatuated sports obsessed culture..? Well look at some of Coach Shannon's Recent UM Recruiting Classes. If you need to see the answer.

There is a Platinum Thread there that many still do not even see yet. But soon many will if He somehow chooses to leave this program for another. After this already great but still young season. It is called Sincerity Accountability and not the least. Quiet exemplary Leadership by example.

(9) Does Coach Shannon deserve to be paid very well..? According to many of his detractors..? Unfortunately the answer to this question will always begin with no. However after UM realizes what they will have lost in a very Special Man and a far greater Human Being.

This alone will far exceed its monetary value when they soon come to the sad realization. Of what there fatal silence and inaction may ultimately cost them and this community.

(10) What will other institutions offer Coach Shannon that UM cannot..? Well that part remains yet to be seen. but how would you feel being an unwanted under appreciated Head Coach at your own Alma Mater..?

Where you still may have another chance to realize the fulfillment of playing for another National Championship. Winning another National Championship. Coaching another National Champion.

And finally being able to restore your Alma Mater to being able to once again Compete for a National Championship year in and year out. Providing again the opportunity to be able to also become. The First African American Head Coach of a National Champion Team again in your own Hometown.

How special would that be for the Coach everyone likes to hate. Second guess criticize and not fully appreciate.

Good Luck to you Coach Randy Shannon and your young feisty and very Spirited Hurricanes. Maybe UM will still eventually do the right thing before the door of opportunity closes behind you.

In my own book you already are a proven winner. For you have helped restore a badly damaged programs main entry door. So that it does no longer creak squeak and squeal so bad anymore.   





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