Barry Bonds's Opponents aren't Racially Motivated

Patrick NolanCorrespondent IJune 2, 2008

Let me just start by saying that this is an "opinion" column. By no means do I imply that what I say here is an absolute fact.

Barry Bonds is a jerk.

Barry Bonds lied under oath, challenged federal prosecutors to take him down, and has been an absolute poison in the Giants' clubhouse during every baseball season of recent memory.

You're telling me that a guy like this is only disliked by society because he's black? Does anyone think that a white guy with these characteristics would just be ignored or something?

That's a joke!

I'm aware that racism is a problem in this country. Despite being equal under the law, blacks are often treated unfairly in the United States.

But, Barry Bonds has been treated exactly the way he deserves according to his actions. Home-run records aside, the difference between Bonds and another certain steroid user, Mark McGwire, is that Bonds faces his opposition with challenges and stubborn arguments, while the latter simply remains quiet.

Now, think beyond McGwire to the man who is taking the brunt of the federal heat right now, Roger Clemens.

Is Roger Clemens black? No. Is he being treated with as much, if not more, scrutiny than Barry Bonds? Absolutely.

This mess is not a race issue—it is an issue of a man dishonestly gaining an edge in professional baseball while shunning the media and teammates. Personally, I never thought of this as a race issue until the complaints started to appear on television, with alarming and idiotic frequency. 

To give closing thoughts on the matter, there is absolutely no evidence of Barry Bonds being treated unjustifiably different, both in the U.S. Judicial System and in the eyes of the general baseball population.

Whoever decided to make a race issue out of a clearly guilty black man getting what he deserves is simply ignorant.