College Football Week Six Top 25: Florida Maintains Top Spot Ahead of LSU Game

The SportmeistersAnalyst IOctober 8, 2009

LEXINGTON, KY - SEPTEMBER 26: Quarterback Tim Tebow #15 of the Florida Gators walks on the sidelines near punter Chas Henry #17 during the second quarter of the game against the Kentucky Wildcats at Commonwealth Stadium on September 26, 2009 in Lexington, Kentucky. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

By Ryan of The Sportmeisters

Here we go—a matchup of two top five teams highlights the upcoming week! But who else takes this week’s top spots?


1. Florida (Last Week: 1)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at No. 4 LSU

Gator Nation holds their collective breath as they wait word on their savior, QB Tim Tebow, and whether or not he’ll play this weekend.


2. Texas (Last Week: 2)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Colorado

Longhorn fans hold their breath too, because a UF loss coupled with a Texas win means they will occupy the top spot.


3. Alabama (Last Week: 3)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at No. 15 Ole Miss

The Crimson Tide have won 16 of 18 against the Rebels and sport the nation's No. 2 defense.


4. LSU (Last Week: 4)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. No. 1 Florida

LSU took down Georgia last weekend but has to prepare for two very different quarterbacks this weekend.


5. USC (Last Week: 5)

Next Week: Idle

USC gets a week off to let their players heal up but has to be aware of a much tougher Pac-10 than they imagined.


6. Ohio State (Last Week: 6)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Wisconsin

This game will give one of these two teams an open shot at the Big Ten title.


7. TCU (Last Week: 7)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at Air Force

Okay, personal gripe here, but AFN (Armed Forces Network) is showing this game over most likely the FSU game. Boo.


8. Virginia Tech (Last Week: 8)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Boston College

The Hokies are arguably the only ACC team worth its weight in any merit, though it still has to prove it can win outside the ACC.


9. Boise State (Last Week: 10)

Next Week: Idle

With a look at their schedule, Boise State has a legitimate shot at running the table but will need help from other teams if a national title shot is in the cards.

10. Miami (Last Week: 17)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Florida A&M

3-1 after a rough stretch is a good omen for the Hurricanes, who are quickly exhibiting dominance in 2009.


11. Georgia Tech (Last Week: 11)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at Florida State

Miami’s big win prevents Georgia Tech from jumping into the top 10, and even a huge win against FSU doesn’t hold much weight anymore.


12. Oklahoma State (Last Week: 13)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at Texas A&M

The Cowboys now might have to face the rest of the season without top WR Dez Bryant, who has been deemed ineligible by the NCAA.


13. Penn State (Last Week: 14)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Eastern Illinois

The Nittany Lions are still holding their own and crushed Illinois last week to prove it.


14. Auburn (Last Week: NR)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at Arkansas

We welcome the Tigers—Gene Chizik’s squad has won more games than in his two previous years combined.


15. Ole Miss (Last Week: 15)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. No. 3 Alabama

Ole Miss has to prevent itself from falling deeper down the SEC ranks and needs a big game against Alabama this weekend.

16. Kansas (Last Week: 16)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Iowa State

Kansas has had such an easy schedule thus far, one wonders if Baby Mangino could have coached them to their perfect record.


17. BYU (Last Week: 18)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at UNLV

As FSU keeps slipping, BYU’s upset loss makes it more challenging to show themselves as legitimate.


18. Oklahoma (Last Week: 9)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Baylor

Despite the 2-2 record, Oklahoma is still in the running for the Big 12 title, but it’s a crowded field.


19. Cincinnati (Last Week: 20)

Next Week: Idle

Cincinnati being in the bottom half of the polls shows how preseason polls can’t be legitimate at all.


20. Nebraska (Last Week: 21)

Next Game: Oct. 8 vs. No. 25 Missouri

A Thursday night game after a long week could keep the Cornhuskers from being another Thursday night upset special.


21. Oregon (Last Week: 23)

Next Game: Oct. 10 at UCLA

The Ducks keep moving back into contention, and now there is talk of reinstating RB LeGarrette Blount; that’s not coincidental at all (right...).


22. Iowa (Last Week: 23)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Michigan

Despite not having a ranking, Michigan is still a formidable opponent, and Iowa will have to play a complete game to earn the victory.


23. South Carolina (Last Week: 24)

Next Game: Oct. 10 vs. Kentucky

South Carolina avoided the letdown game last week but now have a target on their backs in the crowded SEC.


24. South Florida (Last Week: NR)

Next Week: Idle

The Bulls join the top 25 and get a week off to celebrate.


25. Missouri (Last Week: 23)

Next Game: Oct. 8 at No. 20 Nebraska

A top 25 team will lose this weekend, I guarantee it!


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