Ronnie C WrightContributor IOctober 8, 2009

Gator StudentSection is a column covering the Gators football.  The official name of the column is Gator StudentSection Cooked In The Swamp.  It starts right now—right here.
Written at the University of Florida from across campus views.  The selected topic this week: Why the Florida Gators will Eat the LSU Tigers Alive
"Size matters—we grow things big in The Swamp," Carolyn said.
Robert said, "Gators have the body to survive in the wild."
"And baby—we know how use our tail," Amanda said.  "It's pure locomotion."
"The chomp causes damage," Daniel said.  "It's the sharp teeth."
CoCo said, "Imagine being attacked by a stealth bomber.  That's how we do it!  We lay and we play..."
"Gators dig deep in the mud for fun," Joe said.
Sydney said, "We swallow it whole!"
"On land, we know how to get down," Christine said.
Carrie said, "Gators have sharp senses—we see well at night—so, Tigers can't hide."
"Preparation is our thing—you don't realize the submarine is there until you feel the pain," Antonio said.
Kelly said with a smile, "See this mouth—you like it?  Now, imagine takin' this on."
Serena jumped in, "And we got the jaw action—the power to clamp down with a force of 2,000 pounds per square inch."
"Gators rotate, gyrate, meditate, and disturb your every thought," Robin concluded. "We hiss, bellow—rock & roll your world. We win!"