An Outsiders Take on the State of the NHL

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An Outsiders Take on the State of the NHL

I have to be honest: I am not a huge NHL fan in comparison to the NFL, NBA or MLB.

The only reason I was drawn to hockey when I was younger was Martin Brodeur and the New Jersey Devils. In fact, when I played in a hockey league as a kid, I even wore No. 30 like him.

When these games are on the VERSUS network, though, it proves that hockey is a joke. That the opening weekend of the WNBA had a better TV rating in the New York area than the Stanley Cup finals further proves it is a joke.

Tonight I was looking for the Jay Leno show and what did I stumble across? Hockey. Who would've known?

I then proceeded to text a buddy who is a Red Wings fan, who said it was crazy in the Detroit sports bar where he was watching the game. That reminded me of how I used to watch every Devils playoff game and Scott Stevens, Ken Dayneko play with passion and good, hard-nosed hockey.

Now hockey just seems like a joke, and it's easily now the fifth most popular sport in America (NFL, MLB, NBA and MMA).

Whatever happened to the great days of the Canadiens or Maple Leafs? The Blackhawks haven't made the playoffs in God knows how long. The Rangers (a team I absolutely despise)  were a disgrace during the late '90s and earlier this decade. 

Out of all of the sports, though, what I love about hockey is the hustle and love of the game the guys go out there with. They usually don't complain as much as  the prima donnas in the NFL or NBA. It just is a shame that no one cares anymore about hockey anymore, because they are missing a really great game.

This Stanley Cup matchup would seem to be ideal, one of the original six in the Red Wings against a young team led by the game's next big thing in Sidney Crosby. But this marathon contest (109 minutes) was ended by former Devil Petr Sykora. Sid the Kid and the rest of the Penguins need to hoist Lord Stanley's Cup to hope of legitimizing the NHL once again.

This is just my take on a sport that is headed south from someone who usually devotes most of his attention elsewhere when it comes to sports.

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