Scary Incident In Stands During MSU-UM Game Ends Well, Still Worries

Kyle FeldscherContributor IOctober 7, 2009

Late in the fourth quarter of Michigan State’s victory over Michigan on Saturday, many of the people standing in the student section were turned away from the game.

And were totally justified in doing so.

Many fans were instead watching scary scenes unfold in front of them, as paramedics rushed to save an 18-year-old Michigan student’s life. The student, whose name hasn’t been released by MSU police, collapsed and—according to several witnesses—didn’t appear to be breathing.

Paramedics used a defibrillator and performed CPR before carrying the student out of the stadium on a body board. Luckily, word came through The State News that he pulled through, despite numerous rumors that he had died.

A commenter on The State News’ article on the developments of the game said he knew the student and that he collapsed due to an undiagnosed heart condition. Luckily, it doesn’t seem as if the incident was alcohol related or the result of some crazed Spartan student looking to bring the rivalry up a notch.

Nonetheless, it’s an incident that should concern university officials and students alike over the potential for health scares at football games.

The good that comes out of this is that the university must have had a plan in place to deal with someone in this type of condition. I didn’t see the incident, but from what I’ve heard medical personnel were in the stands quickly and did a great job bringing the student back. All the credit in the world should be given to those immediately on the scene and the doctors at Lansing Sparrow Hospital.

The student section is a strange place. I’ve heard of or seen people vomiting, falling and getting up, falling asleep drunk, on the brink of dehydration and now nearly dying due to a heart condition. All the while, most of us are focused on a football game. Incidents like Saturday’s give a little perspective on taking care of yourself and your friends to make sure nothing preventable happens anyway.

Next Saturday’s game at Northwestern is going to be a strange experience after this incident. Instead of focusing totally on the game, who can help but look around and wonder what could happen if your friend next to you collapsed? It’s a scary prospect, but now it’s not an illogical worry.

Photo courtesy The State News