While On Slippery Turf

Brett RichinsSenior Analyst IOctober 7, 2009

While on slippery turf

Let me address the conditions of the field as it seems that most people think that this is only a current problem that we are having.  In reality, it has always been a problem and I was angered by it the two seasons that I played so let me tell you why.

As I recall in the spring of 2006, the birds were chirping, the bells were ringing and the grass was crisp.  Your cleats would dig in to the turf and as you planted there would hardly ever be any grass uprooted, only shards and bits of the blades.  You could be an athlete and make cuts no problem.

Spring of  2007…. Same thing, granted I was still rehabbing my toe so I didn’t get to participate in Spring ball, but I still trotted out there and felt the firm luscious grass and noted that there was no turf really uprooted.

Now backtrack to 2006 season and the Tulsa game.  Grass was in good condition with no slippage until the rainstorm hit.

Utah St:  Turf is still good.

San Diegot St and UNLV:  the turf started losing it’s firmness.  It seemed like they were over watering the grass on the day before the game.   There was minor slippage but it was still ok.

Then all the sudden Wyoming rolls in and the turf start slipping out from under my feet.  I’m in a full speed back peddle and when I explode my back leg into the turf to come forward (with every cleat imbedded in the grass) I still slip.  The whole game is a slip and slide fest.  Everyone falls on their face a few times. If you watch the wide angle film we really look like a bunch of un-athletic  goobers.

New Mexico: still quite slippery but luckily somewhat playable.


Arizona: It was decent.

Air force: Holy Canole! Slippage galore, no one can keep their feet.

Eastern Washington: Same thing, granted we had some rain around Air Force and E. Washington, but when we soak the field before we are supposed to get rain?,….sheesh…. We are living in the 21st century for the love of Pete. The weather channel is an amazing invention.  I wish the grounds keeper had used it.

Colorado St: I fell on my face after an int.  I watch it over and over and I get more angry at our field the more I watch it =).  Pitta was also on his way for a touchdown and he slipped and fell on his face as he reached the 3 yard line.

TCU: Gary Patterson actually called us out for over watering the field stating that it put his “more athletic” team at a disadvantage.  This game was pretty bad, go back and watch how slippery it was.

After the TCU game a few other players and I made a point to go up and talk to our AD about our field.  We were very adamant about letting the field “dry out!”

Utah:  Field was good

The facts are these.  I think the field is pretty dang horrible.  I think we are over watering it.  Will it ever truly dry out and take root?  I doubt it because we were uprooting our old grass in 06, 07 with those same guys running out onto the field patching up our aesthetically pleasing grass.  Who here has put in grass and it didn’t dry out and take some root in 6-8 months after planting it…?  I know I know it’s a hybrid “special” turf.  But our field has always been over watered… at least in the 06 07 seasons because I was slipping all over the field and cursing after the game with my teammates about how slippery it was.  Maybe it’s a tactic that our program uses because we are less athletic?  Maybe that’s why we won so many home games?

I think that’s a bunch of hogwash, but everyone has their right to an opinion.  I personally played worse by having a slippery field.  I couldn’t make my plants and cuts.  I always played better on turf because I was able to react quicker without any slippage whatsoever.

At any rate… discuss and tell me what you all think.