Where It Goes From Here

Tj EptingContributor IOctober 7, 2009

1 Nov 2001:  Chuck Knoblauch #11 of the New York Yankees celebrates at home plate with Derek Jeter #2 after scoring the winning run against the Arizona Diamondbacks in the 12th inning during Game 5 of the World Series at Yankee Stadium in New York, New York. DIGITAL IMAGE Mandatory Credit: Al Bello/ALLSPORT

Where It Goes From Here
By Staff Writer TJ Epting / www.mlbdirtydogz.com
As it turns out 162 games into the season, and in 1 case 163, 8 teams find
themselves with a serious chance to be the 2009 World Series

The Division League Series 'B' will be hosted by the A.L. West
Champions L.A. Angels (97-65), who will be facing the A.L. Wild Card
Boston Red Sox. (95-67) L.A. took the season series between the two
with a 5-4 record. They also scored more runs head to head, with 44
runs against Boston's 40.

Although the Angels took the season series from the Red Sox, I
believe Terry Francona will find a way to pull out the "ALDS'" win.
Francona has a good bullpen and has always been able to utilize it.
With strong bats and a great pitching staff I believe the "ALDS'" B
will be decided in 5 games with a Boston Victory.

After a wild night of baseball, The American League Division
Series'' A will be hosted by the N.Y. Yankees (103-59), against the
Minnesota Twins(87-76). The Yankees went undefeated against the Twins
this season going 7 and 0, also outscoring the Twins 41 to 25.

The Bronx Bombers, are no doubt the heavy favorite in this
particular match up, against a very good American League Team the
Twins. Joe Girardi has done an amazing task by taking the Yankees to a
triple digit victory total for the year. I predict that Girardi's
Yankees will win in 4 games.

The L.A. Dodgers (95-67) will be hosting the St. Louis Cardinals
(91-71) in the National League Division Series 'B'. St. Louis took the
season series against the Dodgers (5-2), and scored 31 runs, against
L.A.'s 19.
Although the Dodgers did not fare well against the Cards, this
year I will pick them to win the "NLDS" B in 5 games. Joe Torre has
always been a respected coach in the Majors, and has always had
great strategies, I believe he will win it in 5.

The Philadelphia Phillies "93-69" will host the Colorado Rockies
"92-70" in the National League Division Series 'A'. Philadelphia did
manage to pull out the season series win against the mile high
Rockies, 4-2. Also outscoring them 31 to 28 head-to-head.
Although the Rockies had a great story through the year, I choose
 Charlie Manuel to lead the Philadelphia Phillies in winning the "NLDS'A', in

That brings us to the American League Championship Series, The
Boston Red Sox against the New York Yankees. Both teams are very great
story's and no doubt 2 of the best team franchises in baseball. The
Yankees owned the season series between the 2.
Terry Francona being the great man he is,  always dedicated to his job usually comes out victorious, but on this I believe the Yanks will win in 7 at the New
Stadium. This will probably be the most watched series in the playoffs
itself though with no doubt the biggest running rivalry in baseball.

The National League Championship Series will consist of The
Philadelphia Phillies and the L.A. Dodgers. The Phillies are well led
and with a dynamic offense with serious home-run power they will be a
hard lineup for the Dodgers pitching staff to tame. On the other hand
the Dodgers bats are a greatness in themselves and never go to rest.
With L.A.'s leadership, they will advance to the World series after 7 games
of tough NLCS baseball.

This brings us to the 2009 World Series, against the New York
Yankees and the L.A. Dodgers. Joe Torre who used to be the Yankees
manager and now the leader of the Dodgers. He knows all of Yankees
strategies, and a lot of the players. Although the Dodgers have an
amazing set of players, defensively, as well as offensively, the
Yankees are a All Star team and a All Star team alone. Although I
believe Joe Torre is a much better manager than Joe Girardi, the
talent for the Yanks well surpasses the talent of the L.A. Dodgers.

Yankees win the World Series in 5

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