Weekly Update: Week 5

Bleacher ReportContributor IOctober 4, 2009

A week with no excitement. A week with total destruction of college football’s top ten. A week with complete parity and mid-major capitalization. Does this college football season have an identity yet? Is it one of chaos, mid-majors or of traditional powers reclaiming the spotlight?

Certainly, Week 5 had its fair share of exciting match ups featuring conference and non-conference foes battling it out as the first BCS rankings loom ever closer, but for a change of place, not many upsets took place on a ripe weekend for one.

The biggest of course, would be Miami (FL) taking advantage of an obviously weakened Oklahoma team in a non-conference battle, and beating them 21-20. The Hurricanes had just come off a loss to Virginia Tech, which if they had won, would have set them up nicely for a run for the national title, but this huge victory over the Sooners may give them hope yet.

Ranked match ups only come so often, especially in conference, but if you want to make a bet where one might happen, the SEC is probably the place to look.

Georgia and LSU took the field in between the hedges to make a case for complete SEC supremacy among the six BCS conferences. In pulling out the late win, it is possible that LSU has finally legitimized the fact that three of the top four teams in all polls are SEC combatants.

The projected BCS won’t look much different this weekend, we’ll give you that much, but its likely that among the jumpers will be Miami, and maybe even a small boost for LSU, but enough for a position increase? Maybe, maybe not, we’ll have to see what the human polls give us in the morning.

Maybe the biggest upset of the night came from the mid-major world, where Houston, one of three mid-majors believed to still have a shot at a BCS-bust, fell in an absolute shootout in Texas, falling to UTEP 58-41.

That leaves just TCU and Boise State as possibly BCS busters, and the road looks bright for both, with forgiving schedules, making it quite possible that we will finally see a year with two BCS busters in the ten BCS bowl spots. Who knows?


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