Jason Taylor: Dancing to the Philadelphia Eagles?

chris klinknerSenior Writer IJune 2, 2008

Another week, another rumor. There are reports surfacing that six-time Pro Bowl defensive end Jason Taylor will be traded from Miami to the Philadelphia Eagles.


This rumor makes about as much sense as last week’s rumor of playing Lito Sheppard at wide receiver. Along with the Eagles, potential suitors for Taylor are Tampa Bay, New Orleans, and Dallas. I am for sending Taylor to Dallas to play with the other aging Dolphin, Zach Thomas.


No one doubts the many accomplishments that Taylor has achieved during his 11 NFL seasons (winning Defensive Player of the Year as recently as 2006). What people do doubt is what Taylor has left to give, both physically and mentally.


Taylor will turn 34 before the 2008 season kicks off. His stats have already started to decline. His recent appearance on “Dancing with the Stars” makes you question if his heart and head will be on the field or in the Hollywood.


As the numbers show from last year, the Eagles could use a pass rusher to play opposite of Pro Bowler Trent Cole. I would rather have the promising platoon of Abiamiri, Thomas, and Clemons getting the opportunity to star at the opposite end. The reviews and numbers for Clemons are special.


We also can’t forget the salary that would be absorbed by trading for Taylor.  Taylor is due $8 million per season over the next two years. If history has shown us anything, it is that the Eagles are cheap. The Eagles don’t pay their best veteran players (Westbrook, Sheppard) that type of money, so $8 million for an aging veteran is unlikely. 


Lastly, the Eagles have revamped their defense with an emphasis on young, speedy playmakers. The defensive line and linebackers are flush with players of these characteristics. Adding Taylor would reverse this trend. Trading for Taylor would also require a package of draft picks, picks that could be used to add further youth and talent in future drafts.


There are too may negative factors to consider bringing Taylor to Philadelphia.  Let’s get back to the rumor of bringing Chad Johnson to Philadelphia. 


Oh yeah, remember the 1997 draft selection of John Harris by the Philadelphia Eagles. Harris was selected when Taylor was still on the draft board!