Quick Hits: NFL Offseason News

Joe WillettSenior Writer IJune 2, 2008

Mini-camps are in full swing around the league, and NFL junkies like myself are searching for anything to help our addiction.

So here are a few of the stories that are happening right now in the NFL.

Jason Taylor Wants a Trade...I Think

Taylor held a press conference to clear the air about a few topics.  Sure, he has been on Dancing With the Stars, which isn't really a football-related activity.

Sure, he hasn't been there to learn the new defense like the rest of the team has. And O.K, so maybe he and Parcells aren't exactly off on the best of terms.

So maybe kind-of asking for a trade without actually demanding it isn't really the best way to try to bridge the gap between you and the new group of coaches in Miami.

But maybe saying that you would be fine to be with Miami while sounding like you were settling was the way to make them feel like you are happy...right?

Brian Urlacher Back Where He Belongs

Urlacher has been in the middle of a not-so-heated contract dispute with the Bears, and for the record, I side with Urlacher.

The guy only wants an extension, not a gigantic pay raise, so why not give it to him. He only wants stability for the future.

But last Friday, he made his way back to Halas Hall to patrol the field as the leader of the defense.

“All that matters is I’m here with my teammates,” he told reporters, declining to elaborate. “That’s the only thing that matters right now. It’s a mandatory team drill. Everyone’s here that’s supposed to be here. When it says mandatory, you’re supposed to be at those things, so that’s why I’m here.”

Denver Broncos Release Travis Henry, But They Were Nice About it

Henry hasn't been everything that the Broncos have wanted out of him. They signed him with the hopes that he can bring them to the next level.

Maybe if he wasn't trying to father NINE CHILDREN with NINE WOMEN, he would be able to be a little more committed.

It seems like the Broncos, however, weren't going to state the obvious, that he wasn't what they wanted and he wasn't good enough.

"Although Travis has the ability to be one of the top running backs in the NFL, we have to make decisions that are in the best interests of our organization and its goal of winning a Super Bowl," head coach Mike Shanahan said.

Oh well, at least he can't call them stupid meanies.

NFL.com Polls are Apparently Not Taken Seriously

O.K, I just thought that this was pretty funny. As I was searching NFL.com for stories, I noticed a poll at the bottom asking what Jason Taylor was going to do next season. Here were the answers with current percentages:

A. Play for the Dolphins 26%

B. Play for a contending team 56%

C. Become a professional dancer 18%

I obviously answered C, and so did thousands of others. I expected something around five to seven percent, but apparently a lot of other people don't take these polls seriously as well.

There you go junkies, a few stories to curve your cravings for a few days.

I'm Joe W.