MSU Gives Away 2nd Win In a Row to GT

Brett HollowayContributor IOctober 4, 2009

[Well, for the second straight week, I left Davis Wade Stadium with the feeling that the Dawgs had once again, given away a game. MSU has now surrended 31 points off turnovers in the passed 2 games- 10 to LSU, and 21 to Georgia Tech. Also for the second week in a row, State has seemed to be unstoppable on offense, that is until they stop themselves. 9 turnovers have plagued State's offense from playing to their full potential, and have also put added pressure on the defense. Surprisingly, even after literally 'surrendering' those 31 points in the past two weeks, the Dawgs have somehow managed to only lose by a total of 15 points combined. That says two things about this team, number one- this is not the typical MSU team of year's passed. Mullen's 'relentless effort' moto, has manifested itself on the field. The first evidence we saw of this was at Auburn, where the Dawgs fell behind 14-0, but stormed back to take a 17-14 lead-in just a matter of minutes. State would go on to lose on the Plains, but that same fight, intensity, and effort has been evident in every game. For once, when State falls behind 7 or 14, players and Dawg fans alike, no longer throw in the towel, and that's a compliment to Mullen and what he has done. The second thing this says about our team, is simply-how good they could be. With the bright lights of Scott Field on my back shoulders, I couldn't help but smile as I walked passed GT fans, who knew how fortunate they were to exit with a win. The same was true last week, when visiting fans from LSU-who can hardly go without tapping into their loud, boastful nature, were silent, walking with their heads down, exhaling the way you do 'only' after escape. The truth is, this team has to become as 'sick' of losing as its fanbase is, and when that takes form, great things will come. But until then, work has to be done, lessons have to be learned, and personel changes have to be made in the secondary. Even though the D was unable to stop the big play, they were on the field all night, which can be attributed to the Offense giving the Jackets 5 extra possessions. Those 5 extra possessions, kept GT on the field for 13 minutes longer than State, and against an offense designed to do what GT's does, a win is seemingly impossible. Josh Nesbitt who was barely completing over %40 of his passes on the year, torched State for 266 yards, completing %79 of his attempts. The hole was dug early, State had its chances to dig its way out, but the Jackets continually benefited from long runs and blown coverages. The fact is, MSU has to swallow a tough pill, in that they could easily be 4-1, rather than 2-3. I think this team is far ahead of its skeptics projections, but until they stop being 'their own worst enemy', progress in the win column will remain unnoticed. On a positive note, State fans must realize that the Croom teams of the past, were only able to steal away victories from SEC teams-having average seasons, while this Mullen team is competing in every game, week in and week out. But in sports, wins are all that matters.]