Brazilian Superstar Profile: Alex Teixeira

Brazilian Football by SBSenior Analyst IOctober 3, 2009

Alex Teixeira is his name and he belongs to Vaco da Gama of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Amazing is the fact that Vasco now play in the second division having been relegated last year.

Even more incredible is the price tag on this lad as his contract with Vasco goes till 2013 carries a penalty clause of $56 million.

EPL sides the likes of Manchester United and Everton have had their bids shot down as Vasco shows no interest in parting with the little genius for less than a small fortune.

On a national level Alex has been used sparingly at the FIFA U-20 World Cup as Brazil cruised to an easy final 16 spot.

Perhaps he is being saved as a secret weapon.

We should all know shortly what he's capable of as Brazil comes up against their first strong opposition in the shape of Uruguay in the next round and will be forced to play at full strength in this South American classic.

Alex's style leans more towards Messi than Kaka as he shows a lot of flare and a deft ability to hold on to the ball even surrounded by two or three defenders.

An ability you really have to see to appreciate as he does not struggle against two or three defenders rushing past them, but instead calmly works his way through them with touches, little flicks, tiny chips as if it were business as usual and with amazing confidence.

Wonderful to watch as in today's robotized player systems skill seems to sadly lack at times, especially in the European leagues, hence the popularity of players like Messi and others of even lesser skill levels like Cristiano Ronaldo.

If Alex works his way anywhere near the area then there's bound to be trouble.

Should Brazil get past their South American rivals and go on to win the U-20 World Cup  you can be sure that the name Alex Teixeira pronounced tsheerer will be one of the names hitting the headlines worldwide.

Perhaps with the economic crisis subsiding Vasco will eventually get their $56 million as well.

Alex Teixeira, number 7 - attacking midfielder.

Today's Brazilian serie B could so easily be tomorrows Copa Libertadores de America or European Champions League so keep an eye out for this one.