Mr Davis We Will Not Tolerate This Anymore

Adrian EspinozaContributor ISeptember 30, 2009

17 Aug 1994:  President and general manager Al Davis of the Los Angeles Raiders watches his team during a workout during training camp in El Segundo, California.  Mandatory Credit: Gary Newkirk/ALLSPORT

Aww the good ol days when AL was younger and walking the fields during practice. Did he dress up with a suit and tie hell no he wore his Raider colors proud. But even in those days his ego was as big as the holes the Raiders D allow against the run. His personal vendetta against Marcus Allen, drafting players himself, hiring assistant coach's without the head coach approval the list goes on and on. There's a reason AL has had to hire guys such as Cable, Norv, Kiffin, Bresnahan, Bugel, Shell and even a young and unproven Gruden who turned out to be a gem and actually has some backbone. But guys that have a backbone that are not puppets don't last here in Oakland. As a fan i used to take it as so what you don't want to coach here go screw yourself we dont need you.Looking at this team that's on the field we need the best in the buisness. Im tired of hearing in the paper that the Raiders are going after another unproven coach or that another coach has turned down a offer. How bad is it people, there are only 32 head coaching position's in the NFL period yet people have no trouble turning down the Raiders. It all falls on Davis. The recent move that just made me shake my head was the pick up of Richard Seymour. Now he came out on the first game and made Al look like a genius,he may end up with 16 sacks and a pro bowl berth but is a player who is turning 30 worth a number one pick? A pick that could be in the top ten to say the least. Now a proven QB like say a 30 year old Eli or Big ben i could make arguments for. Its just another classic move of Davis that is a big step back. At the game this past sunday Al's personal boyfriend crush JR kept on getting booed off the field by our own fans. Personally i don't think booing the starting QB is going his confidence but you can understand peoples frustration. If Raiders go out and lose the next two games which it looks highly likely i will be sporting the brown paper bag at the next home game against the Eagles. Now some of you might say that only Saints fans do that, well people we are a horrible team from the top all the way to the bottom, its time to show Davis that we are so sick and tired of his act.