College Football Final Four? We Can Only Hope

Harry KaneContributor ISeptember 29, 2009

Every year, college basketball fans are treated to the pageantry and excitement created by the season-ending NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. 

The conclusion of this tournament is a sporting event like no other, the Final Four. 

Just mention "Final Four" to any fan of any sport and they will more than likely assume you are referring to college basketball's version of determining a champion. 

I believe this version is a fair one. Why not let athletes settle the debate on the court?

Or on the field?

Now, I am aware of every reason why proponents of the BCS system think the bowl system works.

It does not work.

I have a playoff system that, if implemented, would solve most of the world's problems. However, like the big wigs on our college campuses, I am hoping to cash in on it. I can only tell you that the conclusion would consist of at least four teams.

To simplify the situation, the only hindrance to a possible NCAAF playoff is a lack of a business plan.  Or, the final answer to the question "how much more money can we make?"  

This is no secret to anyone.  The amount of cash made by major college football programs and conferences is staggering.

I am willing to bet my share of the money that everyone who benefits from the current postseason situation would only stand to add to their current take. Since I have never been known as a businessman, I will focus on the product. 

After viewing Saturday night's college football schedule, I was reminded of how enjoyable an NCAAF playoff would be for all college fans.

For Argument's sake (I spoke to Argument earlier, she says we can do whatever we want to help), let's say this season's final four teams are Miami, Oklahoma, California, and USC. 


Possible scenarios (create any scenario you see fit):

California would play Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl. After the conclusion, Miami would face USC in the Sugar Bowl.  The winners meet in the Orange Bowl the following weekend.

Or, Miami vs California in the Orange Bowl, followed by USC vs Oklahoma from the Rose Bowl.  Winners meet in the Rose Bowl.

I would even suggest playing the Final Four simultaneously, as Saturday night's matchups will be played. One from Pasadena, the other from New Orleans.  OK, maybe I wouldn't suggest it, but why not? Four teams enter, two remain.

In any case, the interest and hype generated from these match-ups, as well as the previous match-ups that led to this point (did I just give some of my idea away? No, these are just scenarios) would equal, if not surpass, the already dizzying heights of the NCAAB Final Four.

And that would be cool.


For Argument's sake:

Miami 34—Oklahoma 31

USC 27—Cal 17


Miami 31—USC 17