To Bleacher Report Men: How to Survive Sex and The City?

Miah D.Senior Writer IMay 30, 2008

Did your girlfriend or wife beg you over the last week to go watch Sex and The City with her?

Did she go with the "I always tolerate your Hockey nights, for once we'll do something I like" ?

Because in the greatest battles of all times that you are preparing for, suddenly everything will change. It will be Your hockey, instead of a nice evening together watching the sport you both love. It will be your friends, instead of the boys you both met and consider her as a sister. It will be Sidney Crosby or Henrik Zetterberg vs. "the one that does everything at home and never gets to do something for her."

It will be one-on-one, the match up of the entire history of your fan career: you against your tender half.

This is the shutout story of your life: there she is. You hesitate at first between getting deep in your net or challenging your opponent out of your crease.

Everyone at your bench is already standing ('cause if you win this, maybe they will). There she comes. She starts skating. She shoots the puck written "CF" on it (which stands for chick flick)...

She goes on and on about your interest for a sport where no matter what, the players that you idolize will end up getting paid while you spend so much on a perhaps losing team.

But because you love her, and you also want to stop the debate before Game Four Saturday night, you will consider the possibility.

...And she scores!

How cute ...

So, for those of you who will have to spend about 2:20 hours stuck in a chair, hearing four women in their late 40s talking about their private life and the aspects of men that bother them; you might want to consider these to imagine while you inevitably want to establish your new popcorn eating record:

1) If you could create a Hockey team with the four women and your wife, who would you put in Goal-tending / Defense / Forwards and so on?

2) If you could get to introduce one of the four actresses in the "Whining Hall of Fame," who would it be?

3) Which of them would you match with Don Cherry?

4) How many more Hockey nights / Hockey movies / Hockey Magazines will you ask her in return of this "Sex and the City favour"?

5) If they had to "drop the gloves," who would win?

6) If you're an Oilers fan, it is as tough as when they traded Gretzky?

7) If she nods to some comment during the movie, you might want to know what it was about.

Still, I have been trying to find a top 10 (feel free to fill in if you do) but honestly, I could not find any more. At least if you got her to see Rambo with you, so you can call it even.

Sorry boys, good luck for the movie!