Ring Rap With Matt: Von Erich Signs With TNA, Cena Defends PG, and More!

Matthew HesterSenior Writer ISeptember 22, 2009

Hello, everyone. As always, I would like to thank all of you for joining me today.


We have some interesting news and going on’s in the world of pro wrestling. We have some big TNA news, Highlights from Cena’s interview with slam, and much more.


So with out any further delay I welcome you to another edition of Ring rap.


The Ultimate Warriors lawsuit is dismissed


In 2006, the Ultimate Warrior filled a lawsuit against the WWE for remarks made on their DVD that they made of him. It has been a heated dispute for some time now, but it looks like things are finally at an end.


The Judge threw out the Warriors case after he was noted for making many disparaging remarks towards the WWE in public and through the media. The biggest blow came to the Warrior after he was told he would have to pay the WWE’s lawyers fees.


He will be forced to pay over 18 thousand Dollars in total to his former company. I think it is safe to say this will most likely hurt the Ultimate Warrior financially. Expect to see him soon at autograph signings all over the country soon.



Lillian is given a nice send off


We all saw Lillian Garcia’s heart felt speech during Raw. What we didn’t see was what happened after the cameras stopped rolling. It is said that DX came out and they had some fun with the fans and Garcia.


Garcia Joined DX in their traditional “Suck it” promo, also while of camera they played a nice going away song for Garcia. During this song they brought out her fiancé and they danced in the middle of the ring.


The WWE did a great job sending of one of their most notable ring announcers in the history of the company. I am sure she will be missed by the company, and by the fans for some time.



Lacey Von Erich signs With TNA


Former WWE talent 21 year old Lacey Von Erich, daughter of the late Kerry Von Erich has signed a contract with TNA. I hope that she is able to carry the Legacy of her family name with out any burdens.


For those of you who have been living under a rock, the Von Erich family is one of the most noted families in the history of wrestling. Sadly it is noted more for its tragedy then accomplishments.


Kerry Von Erich, committed suicide in 1993.This is only the begining of the Von Erich Curse. Lacey three uncles, all died at a young age. Lacey's grandfather, Fritz, started the Von Erich and after his debut in 1958.

I myself am surprised that she would continue to follow her family’s work. I don’t doubt her skills in the ring, but considering her family’s past, you would think that maybe it might be a bad idea.

I wish her and her family the best of luck.

John Cena Defends the PG era

Well I am sure it will shock no one to know that John Cena is a big fan of the PG era. He probably has prospered the most through out its time. He was recently interviewed by SLAM, and like always he continues to defend it.

It's helped in the ratings, it's helped with the revenue," he said. "When you go up and up and up in the ratings charts, from PG to PG-13 to R to NC-17, you really pigeonhole yourself as far as the number of eyes that can see your programming.

 I think now, with the success of the Attitude era in the late '90s, and now, here we are 10 years from that, I think the Attitude era has had their children and now they want to enjoy the same experiences and the same fantastic events that they watched in the '90s, but they want to be able to have their kids enjoy it with them. So I think it was the absolute correct move."

Whether you disagree or not, it would be fair to say that Cena does make a few good points. I personally can’t stand Cena, but I do have to acknowledge that he is one of, if not wrestling’s biggest star.

For the rest of the interview check out SLAM.com

Well that’s all I have for now.

As always, have a safe and blessed day.