New York Mets Need Help: Fixing the Team, Part One

Pro Football NYCSenior Writer IMay 26, 2008

Some Suggestions To Help Fix The Mets

Firing Willie Randolph will probably prove little in regards to getting the Mets back on track. The players are the ones that must right this ship.

Here is what has been happening thus far:

The offense has been punchless and disjointed.

The pitching has been good enough to win most nights, but has not been clutch, especially the middle relief.

The defense and baserunning have been shoddy, a sign that this team is playing with their heads up their ass.

The lineup—the Mets have not been able to find consistency in the batting order thus far. Randolph has used 30 different lineups in the first 48 games.

Not a good sign for a team that was thought to be set at each position on opening day.

Sure injuries have played a major part in this, most notably ones to Moises Alou, Brian Schneider, Luis Castillo and now Ryan Church.

The Mets are 13th in the NL in batting (.253), 15th in total bases, and 12th in home runs (41, by contrast the Phillies lead the league with 75). Unacceptable for a team with three All-Star starters.

Jose Reyes has regressed as a player. He is not producing offensively and now it is effecting his baserunning and his defense. He is not a disciplined enough hitter to be allowed to hit from both sides right now.

He should be forced to pick a side and stick with it until he learns his strike zone. I would prefer he bat left-handed so he can take advantage of his speed and get to 1st base quicker.

Carlos Beltran should not hit cleanup. He is no longer a home run hitter. He should be moved up to second or third in the lineup. He is two different hitters—a singles/doubles hitter as a lefty (.302 with one HR in 43 AB), and an ineffective RH hitter (three HRs, .241 in 133 AB) altogether.

Just because David Wright is New York's new golden boy does not give him a free pass.

Against LHP he is at the top of the NL with a .458 average. Garret Atkins of Colorado has a higher average but has far fewer ABs. Against RHP, Wright has not produced and it has hurt this team big time. He is currently hitting only .214 against RHP.

Carlos Delgado has heated up lately, but good pitchers get him out in clutch situations. Moises Alou is hurt again. Luis Castillo is just a slap-hitter now, and he's not doing much of that. Brian Schneider is not known for his bat, but has  not been a liability as of yet.

The only solid producer in the lineup has been Ryan Church, but his past performance sheet is telling me that he is about to tail off soon.

What to Do

As we said—Reyes must be straightened out first. He should never be allowed to bat righty again. He's only hitting .254 right-handed, anyway. I'm sure he can hit lefties at least that well from the left-hand batter's box, maybe even better.

In addition, he should never be permitted to swing wildly at the first pitch. He has to learn how to be a leadoff hitter. If he can't do that then get him out of there and find a new spot in the lineup for him.

Beltran must be moved up in the order, maybe even to leadoff. He's not hitting with power anyway, so what have they got to lose.

Castillo should never have been signed. The Mets could have gone with a combo of Damion Easley and Ruben Gotay.

The Mets wanted Castillo for his speed and defense. So far he's shown little of either.

Jose Valentin is coming back soon, and I never thought I'd say this, but I can't wait.

The team needs to end it's love affair with Moises Alou. Get a left-fielder. It might even be time to give Fernando Martinez a shot at the bigs. Why not?

Carlos Delgado should not play everyday. He's finished. Let's remember that when the Mets got him in '06 they knew he might be a dud by '08. Well, its '08...

My projected lineup going forward:

Beltran CF
Martinez LF
Church RF
Wright 3B
Alou/Delgado/Marv Throneberry/anyone with a heartbeat 1B
Easley/Valentin/Doug Flynn/Chico Escuela 2B
Reyes SS
Schneider C

Why not shake it up, baby? That's what I say!!

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