Tennessee Volunteer's Lane Kiffin Has Haters Hook Line and Sinker

tre wellsCorrespondent ISeptember 10, 2009

MIAMI - MARCH 26:  Frank Dancevic (red shirt) aboard a charter fishing boat prior to the Sony Ericsson Open on March 26, 2009 in Miami, Florida.  (Photo by Marc Serota/Getty Images for Sony Ericsson)

Lane Kiffin has arrived.


He has to be laughing inside just a little bit, thinking “this is just too easy.”


I’m not talking about racking up wins in the SEC, or turning the team into a National contender. Those things remain to be seen.


I’m talking about his goal to make Tennessee more relevant. I’m talking about his plan to get people talking about Tennessee again.


It has definitely worked.   


In less than a year, and after only one game, fans from very good teams just want to talk about Kiffin. Columnists from teams that are actually considered contenders to play in January would rather talk about Kiffin than their own team.


It’s very similar to attitudes I used to see in middle school.


They jump at such statements as a kid “wanting to play at Tennessee.” I have even written about this before. Kiffin’s aura is so dominating and so intoxicating to Tennessee haters that their articles often falsely report, mislead, misquote, fabricate, lie, and speculate.


Yes, Kiffin has got to be getting a good laugh at this one. I’m sure he didn’t think it would be this easy. I mean all he has done in his few months here is put together an amazing coaching staff, bring in a top 10 recruiting class, raise the average GPA of his team to a five year high, and continued to run a  program with zero arrests.


So without much to work with, critics and columnists who are typically considered decent writers tend to reach. They let their hatred for a team seep through their words and stink up any merit they may have had in their message.


Need we remember that as amateur writers, pretending to be journalists, our job is to report a story, not to create one. However, there are those that refuse to let the facts get in the way of a good story.


Lane Kiffin’s slip-ups have come from ignorance. He accused Urban Myer of cheating because he didn’t know the rules. He later owned it and apologized.


As a Dolphin’s fan, I am still waiting for Alabama’s head coach Nick Saban’s apology for lying to us, lying to the media, berating the media for questioning him, walking out on his team, and stealing from our owner.


I don’t expect that apology to come anytime soon.


I also have lost count of the number of arrests the Florida Gators have had under Urban Myer. At last count it was in the dozens.


No, I am more worried about Tennessee and the lack of depth at linebacker. I am more concerned with our play at defensive tackle than I am writing about other programs short comings. And I am certainly not in the practice of creating stories because I am jealous of the attention one coach has garnered.


I’ll leave that to those who are trying to compensate for something.


To all the Volunteer fans, have fun this season. It should be a good one.


To all the Volunteer haters, the name is Kiffin. Spelled K-I-F-F-I-N.  Keep writing about him. He is loving it!