I'm Ready For Some Steeler Football!!!!!!!!!!

Summer hamiltonCorrespondent ISeptember 9, 2009

PITTSBURGH - AUGUST 29:  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger #7 of the Pittsburgh Steelers passes downfield in the second quarter during the game against the Buffalo Bills at Heinz Field on August 29, 2009 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)

Tomorrow is the day. The Steelers will be playing the Titans in an epic battle, where one team is the Super Bowl Champion,and the other is the team that terribly defeated them last season.

If you ask me, the Steelers knew they did not need to win the game against the Titans last season, and they chose to not play full out , to prevent any injuries. ( The Steelers, regardless of that game, would have gone into the playoffs as the second seed.)

Maybe I'm just being a sore loser, but I did lose a bet after that game, so I had to have an excuse. I almost had to wear a Cowboys jersey in public! (Terrible, I know!)

This game is different. The Steelers are the defending champs. We cannot lose tomorrow. In the words of Tim McGraw on that NFL Network commercial about the kickoff tomorrow, ( The Blackeyed Peas are gonna perform!),"It's been a long, cruel seven months........ The Steelers are back to defend. And everyone else is lining up for a little retribution. This could be the year. This could be the year."

I, of course, am predicting that the Steelers will win in an awesome fourth quarter drive, that will leave me biting my manicured nails, as I await the result.

Just remember, "This could be the year."

By the way, check out "America's Game" tonight. It is a story on the 2008 Steelers, through the eyes of Ben Roethlisberger, Troy Polamalu, and Mike Tomlin. Watch it on NFL Network. :)