Punch Was Out Of Line, But LaGarrette Blount Spoke For College Football

Kevin TrahanAnalyst ISeptember 4, 2009

The University of Oregon announced today that it will suspend running back LaGarrette Blount for the remainder of the season, after he threw a punch at Boise State linebacker Byron Hout at the end of the game. While I agree with Oregon that Blount was completely out of line, he spoke for all of college football.

In a game where emotions ran high, Blount was ineffective, rushing for -5 yards on eight carries. And the same player who told the press Oregon owed Boise State an "ass-whooping," unfortunately kept to his word after, instead of during, the game.

But while Blount's course of action was wrong, his anger was definitely warranted.

I know it may sound bad, but Boise State deserved this punch. While a punch out of the BCS picture would have been more deserving, this suits them just as well.

While the Broncos are a good football team, their level of cockiness and unsportsmanlike conduct caused them to deserve what they had coming to them.

It wasn't just the cheap shots in Eugene last season or the taunting at the end of Thursday's game, it was a combination of those incidents that finally caused LaGarrette Blount to blow.

And while Blount paid for that punch with a season suspension, the rest of the country can exhale because someone else did it first.

Personally, I'm tired of Boise State. As we saw Thursday night, the Broncos really aren't an elite football team. They won because it is apparent that Oregon isn't either. With the exception of Kellen Moore, the Boise State offense wasn't great, and I think we all know that it wasn't because the Oregon defense was so spectacular either.

The Ducks lost this game more than Boise State won it and it is obvious that Oregon is extremely overrated.

But according to the Broncos, beating Oregon warrants a trip to the BCS. And that is what irritates college football fans everywhere the most. The Broncos can win out through the rest of their cupcake schedule and go to a BCS Bowl that they don't even deserve.

Sure, they had a decent win, but if we gave everyone who has one decent win, or even one good win, a shot at the BCS, we would have to start playing the games in November.

Boise State, along with the rest of the WAC and the MWC, keep whining about how the BCS is so unfair, when in fact, it is actually biased toward them. All the Broncos need to do is have one good win all season, beat 11 cupcakes, and they're in. Teams from major conferences, however, need to beat many more good teams to even be considered for a BCS Bowl.

While Boise State may not get a shot at the national championship, the Broncos really don't deserve it. If they start adding Florida, Ohio State, USC, and other elite teams to their schedule and still go undefeated, yeah, they deserve a shot. But until then, a national title shouldn't even be a consideration.

I know that all of Idaho will probably comment on this article saying "Remember the Fiesta Bowl." And I agree they were an elite team that year, but one good season doesn't warrant a BCS bowl game every year.

So the Broncos can keep on whining about the BCS, but in truth, it is actually doing them a big favor. And while Bronco Nation thinks the country loves them, the "underdogs" are starting to get on college football's nerves. But unless the Broncos are upset by a a lowly conference foe, things aren't likely to chance.

So I have a message for Utah State, Louisiana Tech, Idaho, Hawaii, and all the other cupcakes Boise State plays this season. LaGarrette Blount spoke...now it's your turn to act. The rest of the country is counting on you.