Fntasy Football Mock Draft Round 1

Garrett OlsenCorrespondent IAugust 29, 2009

Hello everyone, I will be doing my mock draft starting today and I will do one round each day for one week, so seven rounds. 

My draft will be a 10 team draft with QB touchdown points being 6.  Here we go:

Team A: 1. Adrian Peterson RB Minnesota Vikings- AP is the best back in football and should be picked first in every league out there.  If you take Peterson, consider taking Chester Taylor (Peterson's back up) somewhere around pick 12, just in case AP gets hurt. 2,100 total yards (catch and rush) 19 total TD's

Team B: 2. Michael Turner RB Atlanta Falcons- Turner the Burner is a beast.  I was lucky to get him last year because he really tore it up with his first opportunity to start.  What makes Turner so valuable is his ability to catch as well as run.  I expect him to challenge AP for total touchdowns next year.   1,900 total yards 17 total TD's.

Team C: 3. Maurice Jones-Drew RB Jacksonville Jaguars- Jones-Drew is one of the smallest backs in the game but is like a pin ball.  He just runs and bounces off tackles and keeps going.  Jones-Drew is also a lethal receiving threat and is a very safe pick at 3. 1,750 total yards 16 total TD's.

Team D: 4. Matt Forte RB Chicago Bears- Forte had a great rookie season last year and became and elite running back in the NFL.  Now with an upgrade at QB with Jay Cutler, Forte becomes even more dangerous.  I expect a great year from him. 1,600 total yards 14 total TD's

Team E: 5. Chris Johnson RB Tennessee Titans- Johnson like Forte had a great rookie season and became an elite RB.  Johnson is a safe pick at 5 with a solid supporting cast around him.    1,500 total yards 14 TD's....

If you wanna see the next 5 picks, click the link below.  Thanks