Top Twenty Five for Week Five

The Honorable JJ Reynolds, IICorrespondent ISeptember 24, 2007

Icon #1 – LSU.
They beat another quality opponent in South Carolina (or Steve Spurrier if you will). It’s insane how merciless their defense is…

#2 – USC.
After a romp over Washington State, wow.

#3 – Oklahoma.
Defense survived a legitimate test being that of the Tulsa offense, and the offense rolled in typical fashion for the Sooners this year…

#4 – Florida.
The Gators (as a collective whole) finally looked human against the Rebels, but I will keep them at four because a) I don’t think WVU is better than Florida and b) I was impressed at how Tebow (and somewhat Harvin) essentially willed his team to win when they were down.

#5 – West Virginia.
Did what they usually do, ran circles around ECU. Yawn. The Mountaineers have a chance to gain some standing when they travel to South Florida this weekend. Win big over the Bulls, and then it could be considered that they move up a few spots.

#6 – California.
I was somewhat hesitant to put them at sixth… allowing 27 points to an Arizona team that has been the epitome of lowly makes me wonder about Cal’s defense, especially considering they face Oregon @ Autzen this weekend (and haven’t won there in a while) and host the vaunted Trojans.

Icon #7 – Ohio State.
Absolutely trounced Northwestern, but that’s what they’re suppose to do isn’t it? Only concern would be allowing a nearly 99 yard kickoff return for their only touchdown in the 3rd. That should never, EVER, EVER happen against Northwestern.

#8 – Texas.
Finally, a big win. Too bad the opponent was Rice.

#9 – Oregon.
I know they gave up a lot of points to Stanford, but I also think this is a Stanford team on the rise. Offense is in full effect right now, and it should be a game for the ages when they host California this weekend at the oft-frenzied Autzen.

#10 – Boston College.
Matt Ryan continues to put up big numbers.

#11 – Wisconsin.
Three bad games in a row = loss of credibility. Yes, I know the Badgers always seem to find a way to win, but I’m also getting the feeling they’re playing down to the level of a lot of under-manned opponents, and that is no way to validate yourself for a conference/ national title run. A loss will happen sooner rather than later – and the Badgers should beware as they host the Spartans this weekend.

#12 – Rutgers.
Rolling along under the radar as usual…

#13 – Clemson.
Working wonders with a new quarterback, but I can’t say they’ve been truly tested at all yet.

#14 – Georgia.
Richt surely knows how to win on the road, you can count his "against-ranked-teams" SEC road losses on one hand – that ladies and gentleman, is impressive.

Icon#15 – Kentucky.
Beat Louisville at home, then Arkansas on the road = fast riser in the rankings. The thing with Kentucky is, they seem to get better with every game. The thing against Kentucky is, they still have a long road ahead of them. I kept them a spot below Georgia because I feel Georgia is still the better team right now, and UK’s defense – though improved, could still use some work.

#16 – Hawai-i.
Rolled 66-10 without starting QB Colt B., that’s impressive to me whether against I-AA Charleston Southern or not.

#17 – South Florida.
Could have moved up in the rankings, but in watching this game, the Bulls seemed kind of sloppy against UNC. They prevailed 37 – 10, but truth is the score should have been a lot larger.

#18 – Alabama.
I’ll raise them a few spots despite the loss because I feel I had them and Georgia both underrated last week, I think this team is going to be good.  

Icon#19 – South Carolina.
Spurrier is the best at maximizing what he has, so his team will always be a threat. Lost some ground after LSU, but I think they did decent considering the talent disparity. I hate to look so far ahead - but, combined with Florida’s struggle at Ole Miss, do you think Spurrier gives Florida fits a third year in a row?

#20 – Penn State.
9-14 loss @ Michigan, ouch. I keep hearing about Morelli’s breakout game/ year, anytime when that’s going to happen?

#21 – Missouri.
That offense combined with a down Big12 (especially the north side) = steamroller.

#22 – Cincinnati.
They have rolled in their four games – and that defense is playing lights out right about now. Could get even better as the teams mature, Big East look out.

#23 – Purdue.
Even after struggling for the first half @ Minnesota, Painter and the offense still managed to hang 45 points. It’s good to know you can struggle for an entire half and still score 45.

#24 – Virginia Tech.
Look, their offense is pathetic. Enough said. However, the defense (a few weeks removed from the LSU spanking) is back to its norm self, playing lights out the last two games.

#25 – Arizona State.
I put them in over Michigan State because Erickson seems to have the team heading in the right direction, even though they are undisciplined at times.

Right on the Bubble…
Allowing Ball State to rack up 610 yards AT YOUR HOME STADIUM is a sign of trouble to me, enough to drop them out my ranking for at least a week.

Michigan State.
Beat ND 31-14, but is it me or does Hoyer seem mistake prone and hesitant? I’ll see how the Spartans do at a barely-making-it-along Wisconsin.


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