Chargers-Seahawks Preseason Opener Preview

M.T. RobinsonCorrespondent IAugust 15, 2009

SAN DIEGO - NOVEMBER 9:  Quarterback Philip Rivers #17 of the San Diego Chargers passes the ball downfield during the game against the Kansas City Chiefs at Qualcomm Stadium on November 9, 2008 in San Diego, California. (Photo by: Jeff Gross/Getty Images)

Ah, the smell of overpriced popcorn being made in hoppers that have sat unused since December. The forking over of 25 bones to park on the lunar surface that passes for a parking lot here in SD. The collective spending of thousands of dollars to watch the scrubs play most of the night.

It must be preseason again.

Preseason is like hanging out with your hideous cousin Eggmund, who wants to get laid, but never will.

Chargers vs. Seahawks, yet again. Just once, I would like to see some other teams in the preseason, anyone besides Seattle, Dallas, Arizona, and San Francisco.

At 90 bucks per game, I have paid for at least two seasons worth of real games in order to attend these scrimmages over the decades. To put it in perspective, my playoff tickets in 1980 were priced at $12. Tonight's game will cost me 90 bucks, just to get the right to wizz in a men's bathroom trough.

The only redeeming quality to preseason for the fans is that it's a chance to bond with all your fellow season ticket holders, get a few tequila shots in before the game, and try to have some fun.

There is always fun to be had, and occasionally a real game breaks out. QB Babe Laughenberg still holds my personal record for best preseason Chargers performance, rallying the Bolts to a 24-21 win over Dallas after starting the fourth quarter down 21-3.

That was at least 20 years ago...

So, let's go! I am gathering up my jersey and hat as I write, and I will be out the door by 4 PM, ready to win the Super bowl, yet again!

Any game at the Q is better than watching the LOS ANGELES/LAS VEGAS/ SAN ANTONIO/ OCEANSIDE/ CHULA VISTA/LAKE WINNEPESAKI Chargers on TV next year...

See ya' at the Murph, bring the Cuervo Gold...