Some random thoughts...

OneManCrimeWaveContributor IAugust 13, 2009

Words cannot described how excited I was to watch the premier of Hard Knocks last night. I have always liked this series and was really happy to hear that the Bengals would be the subject of the show this year. Here are some thoughts in regard to the show:

  • First, I thought the Reggie Kelly segment was very difficult to watch. When you think of professional athletes most people just think about the money. At times it's easy to forget that theses guys put in a lot of hard work in the offseason getting ready for the 16 game season. When we lost Kelly I was bummed, but not really that upset. After watching the show, I now realize how important Reggie Kelly really is to the team. To see Reggie Kelly, a grown man, crying because he couldn't play this year really opened my eyes to what type of guy he really is.
  • Could you imagine being J.D. Runnels and being woken up at 5:00 a.m. and told you're not wanted? Not only that, but imagine a film crew video taping the entire thing. That has to be extremely difficult. I don't get the whole situation though...they wake you up at 5 a.m. and tell you that your not good enough, tell you to be ready to go at 7:00 a.m. to catch a plane, they confiscate his playbooks and send him back to Phoenix. The way the go about doing this is so cold, almost ruthless! I get it, it's a business...but you don't have to be a dick about it. Runnels was out there busting his ass to help this team, at LEAST give him the respect he deserves. Do you think they would treat Chad the same way if he was released? I don't know, I'm sure people probably thought it was handled okay but for some reason I thought the guy responsible had an arrogance about him that I didn't appreciate.
  • I'm pretty luke warm right now on Chad Ochocinco, I'm not going to lie, however he was pretty damn funny last night. My favorite scene from the entire show was when Chad was sitting in the stands by himself doing an interview with the HBO crew on what exactly "Child Please" means. According to Chad, it's a polite way of saying "F$!# You." I couldn't help but laugh my ass off.
  • I really hope Chris Pressley gets a fair shot at a roster spot. Pressley proved throughout his college career at the University of Wisconsin that he was a very good blocking fullback. In addition to being a good athlete, for him to overcome some of the thing he has in his life and STILL maintain a 3.8 G.P.A. in High School and a 4.0 in college....THAT'S IMPRESSIVE. I always like rooting for the underdog and in this case Pressley is just that. I am tired of giving a guy like Jeremi Johnson additional opportunities to stay on with the team. Even after being cut for weight issues last season, Johnson reported to camp this year overweight and is struggling to take any of it. I am just fine with Fui Vakapuna and Chris Pressley as our fullbacks.
  • On a final note, I am VERY disappointed that my boy "Slim" wasn't involved more in the show. I would pay double the cost for HBO if they featured Chris a little more. I am very interested in him as a human being and we are certainly ALL proud of the transition he has made within the last year...unfortunately, those type of stories don't sell.