Badminton World Championship Under Terror Threats

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Badminton World Championship Under Terror Threats
(Photo by Sandra Mu/Getty Images)

An unfortunate incident has shocked the entire nation, as the world watches England withdraw the world Badminton championship from the Indian city of Hyderabad, due to terrorist threats.


Unquestionably hard-hitting, but indeed a well analyzed decision taken by Adrian Christy, Badminton England chief executive.  With a note of demise, it was stated that the decision of the withdrawal from this tournament was taken highly in the interest of the players and their safety.


To start off, I guess it's pretty calamitous, but as said, whatever happens is for the best.  


The entire security system was alarmed, as one of India's prestigious newspapers, the Times of India, had an entire cover page about the terror threats that rang warning bells.


The scene was pretty disturbing; not only were the locals in distress, but internationally, this has created quite a havoc. A senior officer of the organizing committee in Hyderabad also commented that the appearance of France participating in the final smack down is highly uncertain.


It's really sorry to watch the game most fans have waited for be given a second thought on the grounds of participation.  It would certainly be inappropriate to be blaming anyone in particular, but all I wish for is peace among mankind.


Let's think back to Pakistan, when the Sri Lankan cricketers were at gunpoint. This was indeed very dreadful, and yet again, the very same looks to be in the pipeline.


Now do we want history repeating itself?  If not, it is no time to sit pondering over the mishaps; it's either now or never.


Should we bow down towards these terrorists, or should we have the courage to walk with pride?


It's hard to answer, as time only will tell.


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