Are You Ready For October Baseball, Because Here Come The Yankees.

Lucas WeickCorrespondent IAugust 9, 2009

It would seem that the Yankees are back to being Yankees. Now five and a half games in first and firing on all cylinders this team could be one for the ages. They are getting contributions from the young and from the old.

The "Old Guard" as they are called are doing just as much for this team as the new comers. Jeter is having one of his best seasons, offensively hitting well over .300 for most of the year, but also defensively as his leaping catches and spinning throws have saved the Yanks many runs.

The other three "Old Guard" are also producing well. Mariano Rivera has saved 30 in 31 chances and remains stellar. Andy Pettitte is turning in a solid year at 9 and 6 with a 4.35 ERA in 134 innings. Posada has had a solid year as well hitting .281 with 14 homers and 50 RBI, many people forget before his DL stint he led the Bombers in RBI's.

The youngsters have emerged very strong this year and have played a major role on this team. Joba has performed good, not great, but good as a starter and expierience will build confidence. Phil Hughes has been lights out from the bullpen, throwing harder, hitting his spots, and much more confident. He is a major part of the bridge to Mo.

Brett Gardner has given this team a youthful injection, much in the same way Melky did when he was first called up. Those two have made some great plays in the outfield. Gardner also gives the Yanks a bonus on the bases with 20 steals this year, something that most Yankee teams never specialize in.

As for the newest Pinstipers, I believe nick swisher has been the most important off season acquisition, and I know everyone will disagree with me. Nick has made the most up tight, serious locker room, one of the loosest in the league. He always has a smile on even after a loss and he interacts with the fans in right and they love him. He may not have the stats of CC, A.J., or Tex but he certainly has the best character of them all.

Joe Girardi has done a great job at the helm. He kept the team in contention when A-Rod was out, He has pieced together a solid bullpen during the season, and he plays small ball when he needs to. He's a great manager and I hope he's with the Yankees for a long long time.

There is no doubt the Bombers are the best team in the majors right now, get your popcorn ready, October Baseball is coming to the Bronx.