Can't Think Of A Fantasy Team Name?

Lucas DevereauxContributor IAugust 9, 2009

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Those of us who are fantasy sports addicts know this story all too well. After months of painstaking research and study to determine how to build your All-Star squad, you go to register your team in a league.  Suddenly, despite your hours of endless toil, you realize that you have yet to come up with a name for your team; and surely a team that will be as dominant as yours is deserving of the most glorious, intimidating (and maybe humorous?) available moniker. 

This problem arose for me several hours ago. However, instead of being clever and generating my own unique team name, I took the lazy way out.  A quick Google search led me to, where I discovered  (stole?) a title for my soon to be dominant fantasy football team: WD Forte.

If you're like me, and you're looking for the easy way out, here's a list of the best team names the site has to offer.  Feel free to offer your own team name suggestions in the comment box.


It Byrnes When I Peavy

Scott Rolen My Face Off

Tacoby Bellsbury

Morneau Graphic Film

Pour Some Fukudome

Da Good, Da Bad, and D. Uggla




Yellow Polka Dot Mangini

My Vick In A Box

Sand Cassel

A Faulk of Seagulls

Live and Let Addai

Burressted Development

Favre Froim Retired

Red Hot Julius Peppers

Dungy's and Dragons

Baby Got Hasselback

The Boldin The Beautiful

Gourmet Scheffler

Ice Cold Bruschi's



Your Team is Garbajosa

Magette and Meatballs

Hey, Wacth Your Hans-brough

Nowitzki Sour

Are You Jason Kidding Me?

Richard Jefferson Starship