Why Are There Women Wrestlers?

Christi LottCorrespondent IAugust 8, 2009

For a while I have been putting together some thoughts about the intricate world or wrestling, more importantly, the current state of women's wrestling.

While there have been demands for some women in wrestling to "step up their game", some to go away, and some to get the spotlight, the end response of those in the crowds at wrestling shows tends to be that of catcalls, leaving to go to the bathroom or the concession stands, or of complete ignorance.

So, I ask the question: Why Are There Women Wrestlers?

Is it out of necessity? Would every wrestling company be labeled sexist if they had no women who wrestled?

In Japan, the male and female wrestlers belong to separate companies. Could that work here? Would the WWE be less of a company if the Divas never wrestled, or better yet, never existed? Are the Knockouts a needed part of TNA?

When we look at our women's wrestlers, we get a huge variety in looks and abilities. Nearly every single major face out there gets in the ring and wrestles. But, do really want them to?

Do we truly want the women to do it "just like the men": cage matches, TLC matches, and HIAC matches? Is the honest answer that we'd rather seem them in a more feminine element: Bra and Panties matches, Bikini matches, and mud wrestling matches?

Case in point: Trish Stratus. Trish is easily believed to be the most famous women's wrestler nearly of all time, but what when I asked a few casual wrestling fans I knew what they remember about the Divas the most did they come up with: when Vince McMahon made Trish strip and be a dog in the middle of the ring.

When the women are put out there, whether it's TNA or WWE, the reaction is not always there, more importantly, it's non-existent.

That's not always the case, but it is the majority of the time. Do fans really care about women wrestling? Have the companies given them a reason to?

Case in point: the championship storylines in TNA and WWE. TNA gave the title to Tara for 10 days, she gets screwed out of it, and instead of the feud with current champ Angelina Love continuing, Love is defending the title at the next PPV against ODB. Huh?

The WWE is no better, but they get a bit of a pass because the previous Divas champ is injured and the current Women's champ is injured. But should or do the fans really care what happens with these titles?

I remember the Main Event Mafia cutting a promo about now owning all the major titles in TNA, but there was no mention of the Knockouts title. So, if the Superstars don't care should we?

There are a few independent companies here in North America that are nothing but women, and that's a good thing. But what happens when these women get enough attention to get a spot on the big companies rosters?

Do they always get to shine in their great wrestling skills, or are they pushed to the side so those considered more attractive but not as good wrestlers can shine?

I'm a fan of all wrestling, and it's obvious I care about the women wrestlers. But, if I'm honest, I try to give them so much attention because I want others to care enough because the current state is nearly terrible.

Even I don't watch every single women's match, mainly out of disappointment in their abilities and mainly because they're so short I forget to switch back after commercials.

So, my wrestling community here on B/R, I peg the question to you: Why are there Women Wrestlers?