Maire Ofeire Is Gunner Go: Arsenal Co-Community Leader Steps Down

Mary O'SheaSenior Writer IAugust 8, 2009

LONDON, ENGLAND - AUGUST 01:  Arsenal players line up on the pitch prior to kickoff for a few minutes applause in remembrance of Sir Bobby Robson during the Emirates Cup match between Arsenal and Athletico Madrid at the Emirates Stadium on August 1, 2009 in London, England.  (Photo by Phil Cole/Getty Images)

Unlike Arsene Wenger, I know when the going is good sometimes it is best to move onto pastures new.

Okay, I kid, I kid, I'm still 95 percent behind Le Boss but I feel that it is right to call time on my role as Arsenal Co-Community Leader here on Bleacher Report.

Since stumbling on this site nearly a year ago I have encountered some great people with some wonderful views on World Football and various other sports, some I know a good bit about and others that are alien to me.

Ninety percent of my time has been taken up with all matters Arsenal which led me to becoming Arsenal Co-Community Leader in the space of a few months.

I suppose last season was a journalist's dream considering the ups and downs at the club. Imagine, Arsene Wenger's tenure was actually called into question!

However, as a fan journalist it hurt to see the club in turbulence and trying to be objective on matters was often difficult. I did try my best and my main aim was always to give a positive.

I'll be the first to hold my hand up and say I can get carried away at times in defending the club, or Paolo Maldini or anyone else I happen to like. Hence, it is good to know that my fellow Co-Community Leader is as level headed as they come and often saved me from myself.

From the moment I joined, Shyam has always made me feel welcomed on Bleacher Report and encouraged my writing and views.

It is a loss for Bleacher Report and Arsenal in particular that Shyam is also stepping down as Arsenal Community Leader.

It is mere coincidence that we are both leaving Bleacher Report at the same time. Shyam has his own reasons while I personally have decided it is time to travel and see a bit of the world.

We came to the agreement that we would step down together so that the Arsenal Community could promote brand new Leaders that can progress the Arsenal Community even further in whatever way they see fit.

What better time than the start of the new season?

I, like Shyam, will attempt to contribute to Bleacher Report as much as possible but would not be around enough to be worthy of a Community Leader role.

So that just leaves me with a few people who I would like to thank for their continued support.

Willie Gannon though he is a Spud is a top notch Irishman, the same can be said for Keith Griffin who, God bless him, thinks it a good idea to support Manchester United.

Thanks must go to Andrew and Salaar for running the World Football section and making it the beast it is today.

To those that have continually read and contributed to my articles: Barney, Jamie, Marzia, Michelle, Deepak, Callum, Anthony, Carolina, Danny, Stefan, Joe, Eldin, Salomon, Yoosof, and Todd I thank you.

Special thanks to Alex, Ryan, Mosang, and Gem for editing and tidying up my work.

Outside the World Football Community I would like to tip my hat to Sarah, Long John Silver, and Michael Griffith.

To anyone I forgot, I'm sorry but believe me I am grateful.

Finally, I would like to congratulate Zander and Co. for this wonderful site and continued success to them.

Bleacher Report has been a wonderful journey and I hope to stay involved somewhat.

I can only think of one way to finish this:

C'mon Gunners, trophy next year!!!

Keep it Goonerish,


P.S. I'll still be lurking in the shadows so don't think anyone can have a sneaky pop at Arsenal, just like Arsene, Mary Knows!


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