Top 50 Free Agent Best Destinations Part 1: 25 (NOT in Order)

Trevor BarberContributor IIIAugust 7, 2009

TAMPA, FL - FEBRUARY 01:  Offical Super Bowl XLIII and NFL logo signage is seen prior tothe Arizona Cardinals playing against the Pittsburgh Steelers inSuper Bowl XLIII on February 1, 2009 at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.  (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

1. Edgerrin James RB-Cardinals08-I think that he would fit best in Chicago. He will be a good mentor for Matt Forte and he will be that goal line running back to provide better Touch Downs in the red zone.

2. Nate Webster CB-Broncos08-I think that Webster would fit great in Oakland. He will be able to provide more Quarterback rushes instead of just playing coverage.

3. Plaxico Burress WR-Giants08-Plaxico would fit best in Chicago because he would fill in that one missing part in Chicago. He will be a mentor for Devin Hester and he will be able to be that number 1 receiver.

4. Rudi Johnson RB-Lions08-I think that Rudi Johnson would fit best in Detroit because Kevin Smith has a potential to be a Rudi Johnson in hie prime. I don't think Maurice Morris can provide that mentor-ship since he has been a back-up all he career.

5. Reggie Williams WR-Jaguars08-Williams would fit best in Miami because he can fill that number 2 spot behind Ginn Jr.

6. Drew Carter WR-Raiders08-Carter would be best in Denver because he is a great 3 receiver and I think that Eddie Royal would fit well in the slot.

7. Mark Jones WR-Jaguars08-I believe that Jones needs to get all of his problems set before he thinks about playing. If anywhere it would be in New York for the Jets.

8. Michael Vick QB-FA08-Vick would fit best in San Francisco because Shaun Hill, Alex Smith, and Damon Huard aren't going to get it done.

9. Anthony Wright QB-Giants08-Wright would best fit in Baltimore to support Troy Smith and Joe Flacco.

10. D.J. Hackett WR-Panthers08-Hackett would have been a superstar in Seattle but the Panthers picked him up and ruined his career. I would say that he should go back to Seattle and play with Housh and Branch.

11. Joe Jurevicius WR-Browns08-I think that Joe should continue to play for the Browns because he could be very successful from the Donte Stalworth issues.

12. Darwin Walker DT-Panthers08-Walker had a descent career in Philly and I think that he would be a good fit back there with Trent Cole and Mike Patterson.

13. Dewayne Robertson OT-Broncos08-Robertson would fit best in New England because he can fill that spot for Matt Light when he leaves soon. Light is 35 and I think that Robertson can fill that spot.

14. Marvin Harrison WR-Colts08- Harrison still has the hands of a Hall of Famer and I think that he would be a good fit in Tampa Bay. They don't have a receiver and I think that Freeman, Leftwich, Griese, and McCown would like to have Harrison.

15. J.P. Losman QB-Bills08-Losman is the reason the Bills weren't in the playoffs. He would fit well in a Giants uniform to backup the 97 million dollar man.

16. Ike Hilliard WR-Buccaneers08- Hililiard would best fit if he went back to the Bucs and became that number 2 receiver there.

17. Sam Madison CB-Giants08-Madison was a good mentor to Aaron Ross and I think that a Giants uniform suits him best.

18. Chris Perry RB-Bengals08-Perry is playing in a different league but I think that he would suit best in a Jets uniform to take over Thomas Jones when he retires.

19. Darrell Jackson WR-Broncos08- Jackson was a great receiver in Seattle and Denver didn't help that at all. I think the Giants could use him since they lost Toomer.

20. Chris McAlister CB-Ravens08-The Ravens made a big mistake by releasing McAlister and since he's not coming back, I would put him in Carolina to fill in that missing spot through Ken Lucas.

21. Ricky Manning CB-Rams08- He fit very well in Chicago and I think that his veteran leadership will help young Defensive backs like Trumaine McBride and Corey Graham.

22. Jerry Porter WR- Jaguars08-Porter was great in Oakland behind Rice and Brown. He got his chance and wasn't good enough. He should go back to Oakland and help Heyward-Bey.

23. Deuce McAlister RB-Saints08-McAlister would fit well in Chicago if the Bears weren't able to get Edgerrin James. He would have more speed too.

24. Koren Robinson WR-Seahawks08-Robinson was a good fit in Seattle and he should stay there

25. Willie McGinist LB-Browns08-He worked well in New England a while back and I think he could fill in for that old Linebacker core.

This is the first 25, I'll come with more tomorrow.