B/R Confrence: Explanation of Deleted Article & Why B/R Needs Revising

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIAugust 6, 2009

Hello to all in the Bleacher Report world.

Some of you are wondering where my latest Article of the Day piece had went.

I will tell you exactly where it went…In the internet dump.

Why you ask? Why would you delete an AOTD piece?

Well some wouldn’t even consider it my piece if you ask some.

Once again why you ask?

I will tell you why…I few days back I was sitting at home watching my daily dose of Sports Center.

I was about to turn it when this truly inspiring story hit my TV screen.

After watching and listening on what Leroy & Dartanyon had to go through life and still had the strength to push themselves and let nothing stop them…I became truly motivated.

I said to myself, “Why don’t I put my own opinion into the piece?”

So I started more research but there was none and I mean none at all on this remarkable story…So I had to use information I had watched on ESPN.

I could not remember the full details of the story so I went to ESPN.com to re-watch the video. On the site the reporter who reported the story also had an article. So I read it so I can fray away his same article.

I read it three times…Not just because the story was so great but to make extra sure I would not generate his same style to my article.

It was hard as this was my only source…I put my article all into my words my intro and everything was different besides the story itself.

I even linked the ESPN article in mine and throughout the article I made it clear it was an ESPN interview that was done.

After I completed the article I published it. The article had a slow start but it started to generate reads and more attention with “Like” picks.

In all honesty I was not aiming for a AOTD, if I won I won…Which I did end up winning it felt good to win a AOTD for a piece.

I received good comments from ones who watched the story as well…Their comments were all great and in good intentions.

But a select group of three thought different of my article as in their eyes I had plagiarized.

I asked how I did so. They explained to me that because I “stole” the idea of writing this story I had copied ESPN. I replied “I can’t put my own input into the story?” They continued to go into more detail explaining that I so had broken the journalism code.

They continued to explain since I did not provide new info to the story it was not mine…I respected their opinion and was not trying to argue. I thought if this is a big deal to you I will delete the article.

Which I did but they continued to bash me on my BB… So me being me I fired back just by laughing at them and saying some things that should had been held back.

I did come to terms with one of the writers as I we settled the situation. But the other two had posted one more comment which I deleted.

One of the writers who won five AOTD I believe said I am a disgrace to B/R for winning the AOTD for that respectful day.

Hmm I am a disgrace to B/R? Really when there are multiple accounts running around leaving goofy comments on peoples articles…When people are bashing others on articles…When you three could have been more professional and PM me and said, “Hey um I think man you straight copied this article I would go back and revise this man.”

But did you? No but I understand you had an opinion that needed to be seen. I do understand that but more being more professional would have worked.

Now if I was intending to do a bad deed why would I link ESPN’s article?

I have no idea why these three felt different I even asked one of them, “Damn do you want my AOTD.”

The funny thing is one of them was more worried about the concept of the AOTD rather than if I really stole the article…Which I didn’t.

I woke up this morning with joy as I seen the AOTD was gone. Why would I be happy?

Because I would rather earn an AOTD from my own cover story rather than three dudes bash me about it.

Also the funny thing is if I plagiarized in the first place why the hell B/R give me the pick?

Aren’t they supposed to research this stuff?

Obliviously they don’t as there are certain writers who plagiarize on a daily basis.

Now this concerns me now not only is the rankings shot but it seems the whole works of B/R is shot.

This is why people see this as hurting B/R’s creditability.

If you ask me this needs to be resolved…But it most likely won’t. Trust me I love B/R if I didn’t I would not visit this site on a daily basis. Trust me I would have left so long ago if I was not into this site.

But situations have to be addressed and resolved now I had to speak my half and which I did. I don’t ever want to write one of these again (laughs).

Now for those who missed my article you can check out ESPN’s piece here: which is more detailed any way.

I want to thank the ones who voted for me I appreciate it a lot and I will continue to grow from here.

Just maybe I will receive my first AOTD again but only time will tell.

Thank you to all for stopping by.