InReview - Week 17

Right Field BleachersCorrespondent IAugust 3, 2009

In Review

Weekly Record: 3-4

Current Record: 52-53


  • Um,  Casey McGehee’s home run was cool. The Brewers were able to win a game on Sunday without hitting a home run.
  • There were a couple trickles of good pitching…I guess
  • Bill Hall going to down to Nashville to work on things was a good idea (even though it only lasted a couple days)
  • Who am I kidding, this week sucked…only on Sunday did I see a complete game from a quality team (good pitching, defense, and hitting)


  • This week, the Brewers faced possibly the two worst teams in the Majors and lost one series and were lucky to tie the other one. This does not inspire confidence.
  • And you know it didn’t inspire confidence in the front office because the trade deadline came and went with a whimper for the Milwaukee Brewers. I know, Melvin wanted to make a big move, but he wasn’t able to and probably had in the back of his mind the struggles this team has had. And not only did the team lose Vinny, but they got Claudio Vargas? He was OK in ‘07, but cmon.
  • Pitching Meltdowns (Braden Looper, I’m looking at you with disgust)
  • The Brewers need pitching, but the little pitching they have is hurting: Suppan, Bush, and McClung all hurt and those are big inning-eater guys
  • Corey Hart appendectomy…right when he was finding his swing..hope he makes a strong recovery
  • Still waiting for the bottom of this slide

This Week in Stats

Weekly ERA: 6.49 (29th in the ML)                                            YTD: 4.73 (26th in the ML)
Weekly BA: .248 (21st in the ML)                                              YTD: .257 (20th in the ML)
Weekly Opponents BA: .314 (29th in the ML)                      YTD: .264 (19th in the ML)
Weekly Slugging Percentage: .444 (13th in the ML)              YTD: .423 (10th in the ML)
Weekly Fielding Percentage: .992 (6th in the ML)              YTD: .985 (11th in the ML)

Players of the Month:

Prince Fielder: Prince continued his amazing year in July by having the highest batting average, on-base percentage, and slugging percentage on the team by hitting the most home runs (Tied with Braun), walking more than anyone, and scoring more RBI’s and Runs than anyone else on the team. The other player of the month should be Craig Counsell. Would you believe me if I told you that only Ryan Braun had more AB’s in July than Craig? It’s true.

Todd Coffey: Coffey had the lowest ERA and Opponent BA on the staff in July. He struck out 16 and only walked 3 in over 14 innings. By the way, two of those three were intentional walks. With a bullpen that’s been overworked, Coffey stayed strong and was one of the few strong pitchers in July.

Watch out for:

Jason Kendall In his career, Jason’s batting average is about 10 points higher in August (.307) than his second highest month (.297).

Mike Cameron also has his best month statistically in August where he hits 18 points higher than his second highest month. I think most of us remember the tear he went on last August.

Dave Bush is coming back in August hopefully, because he has owned this month. He’s 12-6, has his best career ERA in August (3.86) and has thrown more strikeouts in August than in any other month (116)

Prince Fielder has his worst month, statistically, in August. However, his plate discipline has evolved more this year than in any other year so I believe he can buck this trend.