The Worst Draft Pick In NFL History: Dimitrius Underwood

Andy RAnalyst IAugust 2, 2009

When people think of the all-time worst draft picks, players like Ryan Leaf, Tony Mandarich, and Ki-Jana Carter come to mind.

But at one point, you have to stop and think a little.

While they weren't worthy of their first round status, they did have an impact on the game.

Ryan Leaf, despite his recent legal troubles, managed to throw for 3,666 yards in his career. His career was plagued by stupid decisions on and off the field.

Tony Mandarich was a drug addict who couldn't cut it with the Packers. When he signed with the Colts though, he had a decent career.

Ki-Jana Carter was injured for the majority of his career. He did manage to play eight seasons in the league.

Then you have Underwood. He didn't play much his senior season in college, yet the Vikings were impressed enough to select him with their 29th overall pick in 1999.

NFL scouts across the country were warned of the guy's mental instability. That hasn't stopped the Vikings before though.

The Vikings desperately needed a pass-rushing defensive end. Underwood fit the bill perfectly.

At 6'6'' and nearly 275 pounds, the guy has a mammoth. He was strong, fast, and downright scary as long as he remained healthy.

After signing a five year contract with the Vikings, Underwood left training camp the first day and never returned.

His excuse was that his faith wouldn't let him play the game. He had more important things to accomplish outside of football.

Okay, that's all well. If you love your God and want to devote your life to him, by all means go ahead.

His story doesn't end there.

He decided that football was the right thing for him. The Dolphins claimed him off waivers after a month and a half out of football.

Well, there was mistake number two for the NFL.

The guy couldn't focus on the game and constantly muttered chants of his Christian faith. He would even write out scriptures during team activities.

He got injured in the first preseason game, but remained on the Dolphins roster until that December when he took a knife to his throat and tried to kill himself. He would shout randomly that he is not worthy to be in the presence of God on Earth.

He would later be diagnosed with a severe form of bipolar disorder.

The following preseason, the Cowboys signed him to a multi-year deal. Underwood would play for two seasons, racking up a total of four sacks in 19 games.

After the 2001 season, Underwood again tried to commit suicide by running into heavy traffic. He was released later the same month.

He was unheard of for several years before reemerging in the Canadian Football League. He didn't make the team and was cut during the preseason.

To this day, not much is known about the former NFL defensive end.

It is rumored that his ongoing therapy is being handled well and he is in complete control of his body.