How is it That Owners Make Better Coaches?

Ian RobinettSenior Analyst IMay 13, 2008

I am going to deviate from my usual NHL playoff recap today, simply because I am annoyed.

What is it I am annoyed at?

I really don't know.  Maybe by the end of this diatribe I'll have a better understanding.

The fact coaches get fired, resign, etc., is a part of sports, I know.  But when you have a successful coach, and the greedy owners get mad that another owner had a better team, they fire the coach. I don't get it.

The reason for this rant is because of two incidents that happened yesterday.

It began with the San Jose Sharks firing Ron Wilson, simply because he didn't win a Stanley Cup.

Now I am no Sharks fan by any means, but Ron Wilson is a fantastic coach.

He took over an abysmal team in San Jose part of the way though the 2002-03 season, and went on to lead them to no worse than 2nd in the Pacific since.

So why was he fired?  So what he lost in the second round for the third consecutive year.  He's getting you to the playoffs!

He has done nothing but put together a stellar roster for San Jose, and the owners got greedy.  They got jealous of Anaheim having a cup, so they decided to try and buy someone who can buy them a championship.

That is why I say, owners suck!

The second incident was in the middle of the depressing Dallas and Detroit game.

I was watching online, because satellite is horrible about carrying Versus on a normal package, and reading these chats between fans who think they know what is best for the Stars.

Granted I do the same thing, ignore it!  I am ranting!

All of a sudden, when Dallas completely forgets to exit the locker room for the third, all I see is people yammering about how Tippett won't be around next season, and should be fired.

Had he had another losing bid in the first round, I could understand others saying that.  With this season though?  I think not!

Tippett has taken a beaten and bruised team, and gotten them to the Western Conference Finals for the first time in his coaching career.  Also, he has taken rosters labeled as "mediocre" and "undeserving for a playoff bid," and made them into winners and "Stars."

It is absolutely ridiculous!  Tippett can't control injuries.  He can't control whether Marty Turco is mentally in the game or not.

So why fire a successful coach because he won't give greedy owners what they want?


It is because owners like George Steinbrenner, Jerry Jones, and Dr. Jerry Buss have done it, and succeeded.

I absolutely loathe the fact teams like this are around.

I cannot emphasize how happy I am every year when Dr. Buss and the Steinbrenner's lose another chance at a championship.  Jerry Jones I truthfully could care less if he won or lost; my teams are all in the AFC anyway ha ha!

Owners need to stay out of the locker rooms unless they're handing out checks.  Nine out of 10 times, they blame coaches over players.  Coaches are easy to fire and hire.  Owners fear players who don't like them, and fear that their "superstar" won't be around to make them any money anymore.

That makes me absolutely sick!

Anyway...There is my rant!  Even though it probably is pretty hypocritical of me to write half of it, oh well.