Kevin "Dallas" Martin: A Perfect Fit For The Mavericks

Damian JacksonContributor IJuly 21, 2009

Dallas is his middle name. That's already catchy.

Kevin Martin is a player who made himself into a star out of Eastern Carolina.

I remember the first game I ever saw Martin play. Held in China, the Sacramento Kings were up against hometown legend Yao Ming and his Houston Rockets.

When Martin was announced as a starter, I had no idea who he was. I thought he was just another guy who would be cut before the real season began.

I was wrong.

The Kings' star shooting guard has come a ways since then, and has evolved into one of the league's best offensive threats.

The Dallas Mavericks currently have nine straight 50-plus-win seasons—and just one Finals appearance to show for it. Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson, and Dirk Nowitzki are not satisfied.

The Mavericks' consistent winning is due to the elite star Nowitzki himself, but the zero rings is a result of missing links.

Center has always been a weak position in Dallas. So has shooting guard, ever since the departure of Michael Finley.

Those two positions are what keep the Mavericks from making it back to the Finals and winning it all.

Kevin Martin enters the picture.

With Josh Howard missing several stints due to injury, Dallas was dependent on just two scorers, Nowitzki and Sixth Man of the Year Jason Terry. This two-man game was predictable and hurt the Mavericks down the stretch in close games.

Shawn Marion has since been added to the equation, but he didn't address the shooting guard vacancy currently to be held by the oft-injured Howard. Marion will bring multiple skill sets to a team which lacked such athleticism, defensive prowl, and finishing ability at the rim.

Martin, 26, is in the early stages of his prime. His offensive game is very complete with an arsenal of weapons. He possesses a deadly knack for driving the ball to the rim, while having a superb shooting touch despite an awkward release.

These are the qualities Cuban's squad needs for the two guard hole. His ability to put the ball in the basket on his own will simply make life easier for Nowitzki and Terry.

And did I mention he is only 26? I did, but it needed to be reiterated.

Now, how does Dallas convince Sacramento to trade away its best player? Money is a huge factor in the Kings' thought process, but they also must consider what losing their most talented player will do for a struggling franchise.

Dallas needs to bargain with the Kings in order to make this work. Pass the idea that Kevin Martin shouldn't spend most his prime years on a team in the beginning stages of rebuilding. Tyreke Evans, the fourth pick in this summer's draft, is suited to be an off guard opposed to the point.

Doesn't that put him and Martin in limbo?

Will the Kings be looking for player value in return, financial relief, or both? The Mavericks could likely service both. Howard has an expiring contract and is a sure All-Star player when healthy. Dallas probably would even be willing to accept Beno Udrih's bulky contract as part of the deal.

The formation of such a swap could look something like this:

Dallas trades Josh Howard, J.J. Barea, and Shawne Williams

Sacramento trades Kevin Martin, Beno Udrih

Sacramento would receive Howard as the temporary replacement for Martin and Barea will fill in Udrih's void. Sergio Rodriguez and Barea would likely share time at point. Williams is added for salary matching and is an expiring deal.

Dallas takes on major deals in Martin and especially Udrih, but successfully solidifies a position which sorely needed such. Udrih provides a decent point guard off the bench behind Jason Kidd.

With this trade alone, the Kings are helped financially along with some talent, Martin is grateful to play for a contender, and Dallas is ecstatic to finally land a shooting guard, which perfectly fulfills so many necessities.

There is another proposition which could be added in this deal to sweeten it for both ends potentially, but we'll touch on that later.

P.S. It has to do with the "DUST" Chip.