Calling All Magic Fans!!! The Playoffs have arrived in Orlando!

Andres RiveraContributor IMay 8, 2008

Calling all Magic fans!!!

Hello??? Can Anyone hear me?

The Orlando Magic punished the Detroit Pistons 111-86 in front of a sold out crowd last night at the Amway Arena. Once again, the fans filled up that Arena with such an energy that the Pistons had no chance of slowing down the Magic in the opening stanza. The fans were rawkous from the moment they stepped out of their car in the parking lot til the moment they woke up this morning. I haven't been this excited since the Magic faced the Pacers in the '94-'95 Season. But as loud and as energetic as we all were there last nite I realized 3 things that we need to change for another HUGE victory on saturday.


We have to figure out a way to be even more annoying than those pathetic Detroit fans. This is more than a battle between two teams. This series' X-factor can be the fans involved. We have to mock the Pistons and ridicule them until Rasheed Wallace goes home crying to his momy as well as the refs.

Second, CONSISTENCY is key!!!


We as fans have to be loud and cheer our team on from the moment we arrive to our seats to the moment we exit that building. I mean, its no wonder that our team slows down during the game. Once we started to blow out the other team and "We" the fans felt good we cooled it down. And when Detroit was making their runs again, we reamined quiet. On Saturday, when we arrive at Amway Arena we HAVE to be loud. When the ball tips off, we have to get louder. When the Magic are winning we get even louder!!! If Detroit is staging a run we must be at our loudest and make sure that we are getting on them about it. But wait, there's one more... When the Magic or the Pistons call time-out, that's a timeout  for them and not us. We cant sit and relax. That believe it or not is when the Magic need us most!

Lastly, Punish bad Officiating

If the referees do as much as think the wrong call we have to make sure that we are letting them know that the world is watching them. I as a Magic fan refuse to watch the referees do us over once again like in game two. Even though, it was 19 turnovers in Detroit and most notably in the fourth quarter that doomed Orlando. The collection of bad calls did not help either. I recall that in the last series we really let the refs have it. Well yesterday, "boos" weren't helping. Why don't we try the "Refs , you suck!!!" chanting again. For every bad call against us we should all chant as one, "REFS YOU SUCK!!!"


I think that Orlando will continue their good playing on Saturday. They will need to have a steady diet of taking the ball in early and then hitting some outside shots again. Hedo Turkoglu seemed to finally come to life after being invisible in the first two games to give the Magic a strong fourth quarter. They will need another good game from Hedo, Rashard, Jameer, and Dwight. They will also need that 3-ball to keep falling. The game will not be another blow out but it should be good for the Magic.

I predict that Orlando evens the series at 2-2 and goes back to Detroit to face "Mr. Big Shot" and the rest of the Detroit Pistons.