Why we chant SEC! SEC! SEC! And You Are The Rust Belt

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Why we chant SEC! SEC! SEC! And You Are The Rust Belt
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A response to Luke @ Eleven Warriors, please give it a read.

Why do we chant "SEC"?

In a word, pride. Pride in the level of competition. Pride in knowing our conference champ whipped your conference champ. No team in the country wants to beat Gainesville more than the Georgia Bulldogs. But I will be damned if I want some Big10 or Big12 team beating my conference champion in the MNC game, or any other for that matter. It does not surprise me a fan in Ohio does not understand this.

It also comes not as a shock our pioneering kinfolk, long since having left our beloved South to liberate the Big12 frontier, share our passionate support for their conferences’ athletic prowess. To state that the Big12 wants to dethrone the SEC is only stating the Big12 is ambitious, an admirable trait of most Americans. For an Ohioan to take offense is further evidence of the apathy that leads one’s region to be known as the rust belt.

Should it be expected, that from the land of Dennis Kucinich, a football blogger would talk of “narrow minded, xenophobic, regional fervor”.

How about this jewel: “At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if your conference hasn’t won a Rose Bowl in a decade or if they even have a BCS tie-in at all: a football’s a football flying at 30,000 feet and there are some 1500 unplayed games without predetermine outcomes still to transpire.”

My guess is fans of the Buckeye reserve pride for the regular season, for the Michigan game, or maybe the Toledo game. After reading Luke’s blog, I have a much greater understanding of the Big10’s desire to have their champion play in the Rose Bowl and the desire to play a Pac10 team in that Rose Bowl. For Luke, having to play a Big12 or SEC team in a bowl game is unlike the 1500 games without predetermined outcomes. Yes, in Lukes eyes, those outcomes, as if ordained by God, have already been decided.

We may be a tad fanatical to look upon the SEC Championship game as a National Semifinal. Surely, something must be wrong with me, a Georgia man without a national football title in the last 28 years. How can I have higher expectations, more pride, than a Buckeye blogger with multiple conference titles and a national championship in the current decade? This is an evolutionary question for which I have no answer.

The one thing I can assure Luke, be it the BCS Title game, the Sugar Bowl, Captial One, Outback, or any other field of play, when time has expired and the Bulldogs have emerged triumphant, at some point the chant will begin. SEC! SEC! SEC!

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