President Obama's Golf Ball Reportedly Found in Woods at Congressional

Dan CarsonTrending Lead WriterJuly 28, 2014


Syria is falling apart, Iraq is a drive-in war theater, and the leader of the free world can't find the fairway.

If a recent picture of a custom golf ball is to be believed, we are indeed living in dark days.

Time political reporter Zeke Miller (h/t Extra Mustard's Peter Bukowski) spotted a picture of a Titleist golf ball marked with the number "44" and "POTUS." Instagram user @Larrydoh uploaded the picture Sunday with a caption claiming he discovered the ball in the woods near the first hole at Congressional Country Club in Maryland.

"Obama played at Congressional yesterday, and I just found this in the woods off one," the Instagram user wrote. "Looks like he's off line again. 44th."

Bukowski writes that President Obama did in fact play at Congressional Country Club over the weekend: 

President Obama played golf this past Saturday at the famous Congressional Country Club course in Maryland with his aid Marvin Nicholson, along with ESPN TV hosts Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon. No word on who came out on top, but Obama's swing seems a bit off, judging by this Instagram post.

My money isn't on POTUS winning the round. Losing a ball on the first hole is usually the prelude to a long, miserable day at the links.

The ball raises important questions of etiquette and golf politics. Do you spot the president a mulligan? Can we as a people afford to bail out big government at the tee box?

I say no. Launch codes or no launch codes, President Obama is responsible for the premature opening of his club face. Executive privilege is for circumventing the law, not saving par.

Hopefully, President Obama and his staff will come forward quickly to confirm or deny this poor shot. It's best to get out in front of a golf scandal before it blossoms into a full-blown Slicegate.